‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’ Recap: Abby And Coach Cross Lines in Laundry Room

The character of Abby McCarthy “Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” went a little haywire in the first few episodes of season 3, making it seem like she had never recovered from her mini-breakdown. We have noted it and expressed our dislike for the way her story was going.

In “Rule No. 225: What Happens in Bakersfield Stays in Bakersfield” Abby’s behavior was less frazzled, but she was still wearing stilettos to little league baseball games. While she seemed to be a bit more educated about the rules of the game, she still heckled umpires in a way that was cringeworthy. Braiding her hair was an interesting way to try to ground the character, but she’s still wearing heels; did I mention that?

So, the sexual tension got amped up and culminated in a make out session in the cheap motel’s laundry room as Abby helped coach Mike Brady remove stains from uniform shirts and pants. He let down his guard and began to speak about the aftermath of his marriage crumbling, and Abby was there as the sage on all things divorce. As she said to another baseball mom in the stands, “I literally wrote the book on divorce”. Doesn’t that seem like a different show we saw in the distant pass when you watch the episodes of season 3?

The other ladies’ stories in the latest episode of “Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” advanced in some cases and in others, we’re stuck in a rut that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Jo is now monitoring Frumpkis via security cameras as she went away on a girls weekend to Palm Springs. If she was that worried about him screwing up while caring for their daughter why did she go? The story is tiresome and here’s hoping Scott returns and does it soon.

The big shocker of the episode was the girls checking into a hipster hotel in the desert, where most of the guests were gay men gearing up for a big Cher concert. There were a couple of exceptions and those affected both Delia and Phoebe.

Gordon showed up while he stayed in the area to negotiate a business deal and Delia’s reaction was just about right. Her strength of will kept her there rather than fleeing the premises and she chose to be direct about the possibility of a reconciliation. For a moment you might have thought it was going to work, because Gordon was calm and forgave her for humiliating him.

The realistic result was poignant and handled well. While he’s forgiven her, Delia will forever be untrustworthy in his book. Despite loving her, Gordon would not be able to withstand a reconciliation. Here’s a question: is there going to be a divorce? Aren’t they still married?

Phoebe’s lot in life just got worse. It turns out that merely firing the arborist wasn’t enough to keep her in luxury goods. When her credit card was declined at the hotel, she hid the fact from the girls until after she slept at the pool the first night of their stay. But, as luck would have it, she met an art collector and hooked into her circle, living the life of luxury for one more day, until she was unceremoniously dumped from a private plane for the return trip to Los Angeles. It was already full, but the collector indicated she wanted to reconvene their acquaintance after the weekend.

Ostensibly there to snare rich customers for the gallery showing her husband’s work, Phoebe spent more than she should, looking the part of someone who belonged in that group of privileged and stinking rich folks. She pissed off Delia by dumping her and Jo who rode back to the city in a mini-van. When she crawled back to the two of them, she never admitted that but for the plane being full, she wouldn’t be sitting in Jo’s vehicle.

What did you think of this episode and the developments between Abby and Mike Brady?

“Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce” is aired on Bravo TV, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission¬†

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