After the Escape episode of "Escaping Polygamy" reviews stories of individuals who leave the life

EXCLUSIVE Preview Yolanda’s Story on ‘Escaping Polygamy: After The Escape’ (VIDEO)

A&E presents another hour of stories reviewing life after leaving polygamous groups, tonight Tuesday Feb 7 in a one-hour special, “Escaping Polygamy: After the Escape”. Each individual’s experience is unique, despite them living with similar restraints on their lives and personal freedom.

In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of tonight’s episode, we meet up with Yolanda more than one year after her escape. While she looks and sounds like she’s adapting, including having acquired a boyfriend, she still struggles with lingering effects of living a narrow and constrained existence. She still reflects on feeling “wicked” for enjoying a romance.

Also in tonight’s “After the Escape” is the story of Ethan, a lost boy who was kicked out by his polygamous family, and learns some dark secrets about his life on the streets. Priscilla’s life after leaving polygamy is not the dream she envisioned. Fleeing as a minor and going from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, she discovers that nothing can replace the family she left behind,

“Escaping Polygamy: After the Escape” also takes on the life of Shanell who finds out that her little sister, who almost succumbed to depression and suicidal thoughts as a minor in The Order, is facing a terrifying court case against her father, Daniel Kingston, to decide whether or not she will be forced to remain in polygamy.

We can applaud the bravery of these young people, who took a chance most of us will never have to face. The ability to cope and even thrive, to the extend they can might be even more impressive

“Escaping Polygamy: After the Escape” airs Tuesdays on A&E at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission

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