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‘Bering Sea Gold’ Preview: Watch Zeke and Emily Put Lives In Grave Danger (VIDEO)

“Bering Sea Gold” continues its eighth season tonight, Wednesday February 8 on Discovery. In the episode titled “Cruel Summer” the teams jump into their new locations, literally and figuratively. Zeke and Emily begin their time off Sledge Island, and true danger strikes almost immediately. They know the risks of working in the strong currents off the island, but believe they found a safe harbor, reducing the risk.

In the sneak peek posted below, it’s easy to see why the currents made Sledge Island a less than popular place to mine for gold. Emily Riedel is physically strong and mentally tough, but when she’s the only thing holding the rope to the boat’s anchor, keeping the Bottom ‘Z Up from drifting on the Bering Sea, it’s time for backup or other safety methods.

In last week’s season premiere of “Bering Sea Gold” Zeke/Emily, the Pomrenke team and the Fighting Kellys all chose new spots to mine. The easy pickings near Nome are gone, for the most part. To make money they needed to look elsewhere.

The Pomrenkes have to feed the mega-dredge on Claim 38 as well as gather $3 million upfront to be in the running to secure the rights to what is called the family’s most ambitious project. Nome Gold is up for sale and Shawn sees the future of the family’s business secured for decades to come if he can land that claim.

After winning the argument with his father about going off to the The Bluff and mine, the men may have found something that blows away the Nome Gold quest. For some reason, a small area offshore remains unclaimed and under the law, anyone can claim it, but is has to be in a specific way.

You need to stake it from land to establish the boundaries. Shawn found the Department of Interior marker on the bluff and it was in the right place. “All you have to do to stake a claim is to find the northeast corner on land. The line of demarcation extends out from there,” we were told It’s a 120 acre area that will be his, exclusively.

As for the Kellys, well their combative style has not changed!

“Bering Sea Gold” airs new episodes, Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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