Atz Kilcher’s Memoir ‘Son of a Midnight Land’ Digs Deep, Spares No One (VIDEO)

Atz Kilcher just announced his new book, “Son of a Midnight Land”, and was pleased to do so via a YouTube video, which is posted below. Why not, right? The guy’s got quite a life story to tell and we only see snippets of it when we tune in to “Alaska: The Last Frontier”.

Kilcher signed a deal with Blackstone Publishing of Ashland, Oregon and the memoir is expected to release sometime next year. We’ve heard Atz describe life with his dad, who taught him how to live on and love the land, but in “Son of a Midnight Land”, the homesteader goes into detail.

The publisher’s press release teases it.

“His mother, a cultured Swiss woman, struggled to adapt to the family’s new way of life, far from civilization, while his father was determined to make their new life work. Kilcher reflects on the survival skills and habits he took on because of this upbringing—some that served him well and others from which he later had to learn to free himself in order to become a better man and a good father to his own children.

Throughout the memoir, Kilcher’s message builds to the ultimate revelation that his father’s harsh manner was essentially fallout from his own fear of failure. Forgiveness begins when Kilcher realizes his father loved his family beyond measure, but that relational intimacy was a luxury he simply didn’t have time for.”

Perhaps it helps explain his tolerance of and encouragement for son Atz Lee’s rehabilitation choice. Building that cabin in a remote area 30 miles from the homestead while leaving wife Jane to pick up the slack was a dominant story throughout the latest season of “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. Atz Kilcher came off as a father who would do anything to help his son recover both mentally and physically from a near-death experience, refusing to criticize Atz Lee’s choices or those that grumbled.

The man himself has this to say about what we’ll learn in the memoir: “I’m really glad to have landed in the hard-working hands of the folks at Blackstone who seem to have no qualms about working hard and doing what it takes to get a job done right. I think we’re going to make a really good team.”

Image credit: Scott Dickerson, used with permission. 

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1 thought on “Atz Kilcher’s Memoir ‘Son of a Midnight Land’ Digs Deep, Spares No One (VIDEO)

  1. Although it’s prohibited to be mentioned on the show, one can infer that the Kilchers have a multi-generational dysfunction when it comes to marriage. The mother left the place. Both Atz and Otto divorced and remarried. Atz Lee is divorced and remarried The whole story line surrounding him and his wife, while entirely scripted, points to a major problem with narcissism.

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