‘Bering Sea Gold’ Season 8: Shawn Pomrenke Is Out of Air at The Bluff (VIDEO)

“Bering Sea Gold” continues its new season with the episode “Hail Mary”, which conjures up Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing into the end zone with time running out. Is it already late for the Kellys, Mr. Gold and the team of Zeke and Emily? They are struggling, which for the Kellys is not unusual; it is for the other two teams.

What’s changed? All of them are operating in very different areas than previous seasons, thanks to having done so well in and around Nome. They have chosen their new sites with careful consideration as well as an explorer’s sense of risk. No one who tries to earn a living mining for gold in the waters of the Bering Sea isn’t a risk taker; it comes with the territory. So does the willingness to withstand defeat and disappointment.

There’s one other word that begins with a “d”, and that is danger. These folks try to avoid it, but it is endemic to their profession. Last week off Sledge Island, Emily was in the boat as Zeke explored for a good spot to begin dredging. All of a sudden, the line that tied the anchor to the boat snapped after getting caught in the propeller. Emily was stretched with her feet on the boat and her upper body over the water as she held on to the line. If the anchor was lost they’d be drifting on the Bering Sea.

This week, Shawn Pomrenke is the one who yells for help. In the sneak peek video clip posted below, he sends up an SOS, and isn’t casual about it. He’s waiting for any kind of sign that he should continue to be optimistic about working at The Bluff. There’s got to be a reason for him to stay at it and he’s still looking for it.

Discovery airs new episodes of “Bering Sea Gold” Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission.

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1 thought on “‘Bering Sea Gold’ Season 8: Shawn Pomrenke Is Out of Air at The Bluff (VIDEO)

  1. Shawn.
    You have any advice for gold back here in MN.? I am sure you don’t have any hotspot in Freedhem,Pierz or Little Falls. I am South of Sauk Centre,in Belgrade these days, this is Mike Hecimovich, many yrs since the freedom area you have any advice let me know.good luck this season. Mike H

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