Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in HOMELAND (Season 6, Episode 05, "Casus Belli"

‘Homeland’ Recap: Quinn Is Either the Best Or Worst Babysitter of All Time

Updated: Preview of next episode. Quinn demands an answer from Carrie, “You said protect Frannie”

“Homeland” just served up a tasty morsel in the latest episode “Casus Belli”. It’s now post-bombing and for some reason Carrie Mathison thought it was a normal day and her daughter’s nursery school would be open. It took her boss to inform her about the person driving that van, then send her to Sekou’s apartment to keep his mom and sister from incriminating themselves. The FBI was already there.

The agent whose voice was on that recording got to tell Carrie Mathison, “I told you so”. He went much further, of course, and then put the screws to her about coughing up her source. One thing you have to say about Carrie – she won’t give you up. That NSA guy has nothing to worry about, but not for the reason you might have thought. When Carrie went to warn him, we got a twist that will send the season into its next phase. He never sent the recording. He reported their meeting up the chain, as he said.

Someone else did that, using Carrie to spring Sekou. Someone higher at the NSA, or the dark side of the CIA, you know, because Dar Adal is always listening? Whoever it is did it to punish Sekou or use him. Carrie’s on the case. Last week Sekou’s friends made it seem like they suspected he became an informant. Was he their victim, freeing someone else from acting as a suicide bomber? If not, then maybe an answer can be found across the street from Carrie’s home. At the conclusion of the episode, Carrie realized she should have believed Quinn when he warned about the suspicious man. That came care of photos on Peter’s phone, which got left behind when he was hauled out of the house by a SWAT team.

But, first, here are some of the political ramifications of all this. President-Elect Keane got hustled out of the city to an undisclosed location as she was being berated on cable news/talk radio for her less than hawkish views of world affairs. She got tweaked just a tad by Dar Adal who was able to grin like the Cheshire Cat when he informed PEOTUS that her pal Carrie was responsible for Sekou’s release from custody. Keane kept her cool, and had to accept the secure line phone from Dar, something she’d been asking for since she arrived at the safe house.

Dar took off to get Saul from the airport and got to gloat about making Keane eat some crow. Then he got a surprise, which doesn’t occur often. Saul finally put the pieces together about that cigarette pack wrapper he saw in the waste paper basket on the floor of the surveillance room in Abu Dhabi. Saul’s best guess? Mossad was briefing the Iranian financier before he arrived. In other words, they may be manufacturing this supposed evidence.

Now for the casus belli, which according to the dictionary is Latin for “an event or action that justifies or allegedly justifies a war or conflict”. In this episode it meant a gunshot by Quinn that injured someone in a mob that assembled outside Carrie’s home. That brought in a SWAT team, who believed Peter was holding Frannie and her babysitter. Earlier, Carrie asked Quinn to stay with Frannie until her caretaker arrived, but in the meantime the media showed up, having discovered that Carrie was responsible for Sekou’s release. It got Quinn to trip into commando mode. He had been asked to care for Frannie, which meant, she had to be safe in the way that he understood.

The police arrived after he pulled the most annoying media member into the house and put his good hand around her neck. He was tired of saying Carrie wasn’t there and of course the satellite trucks assembled with what looked like a dozen or so reporters. He felt under attack, which meant that Frannie wasn’t safe. But it was how he escorted the reporter out the door, as she tumbled down the stone steps from Carrie’s back door that set things in motion. Pretty soon a mob assembled and a couple of men threw rocks through an apartment window. That was all she wrote, because Quinn shot the closest guy to the house.

No one could convince Quinn that it wasn’t a planned attack, perhaps involving the man across the street. No matter who it was he pulled out firearms that Carrie didn’t know about and defended the house. When SWAT arrived, he just went further into his fear-fest. Carrie was able to get past the barricades after Quinn captured one of the officers who got into the house. At that point the stand down order was given. Even she couldn’t reason with him and once again she saved his life. The SWAT was sent back in when Carrie didn’t emerge with Peter after a decent amount of time. These two take turns, saving each other don’t they?

It was only after they took Peter away that Carrie found the phone and the photos. In horror she glanced across the street and realized what Quinn saw and what he suspected. Stay tuned…

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