Dredging under water on "Bering Sea Gold"

‘Bering Sea Gold’: Sneak Peek Of Zeke and Emily’s Make Or Break Season Moment (VIDEO)

The new season “Bering Sea Gold” is only a few episodes old and already one of the teams featured is in a do-or-die situation. In tonight’s show, “Proving Day”, there’s only so much money left in the coffers before Zeke and Emily declare the season a bust. Because all the teams had to look for new ground to dredge, financial resources became more critical than before.

Mr. Gold a/k/a Shawn Pomrenke has the money to make a mistake in a new place, but the Kelly family as well as Zeke and Emily aren’t in the same position. In a sneak peek video clip of tonight’s show, posted below, Zeke takes to the Bering Sea floor off Sledge Island one more time. The pair have explored other spots and surveyed the area around the island for weeks. There aren’t a lot of places that are safe to dredge, and the cost of fuel for the trips back and forth is about to break them. It would mean the end of the partnership, at least for now.

At least those two had some cash to play with. The Kellys are so broke they had to borrow a boat and beg claim holders for a chance to dredge. Their reputation precedes them, but after an exhaustive search, they found one person who was willing to let them seek gold, and to the shock of many, they found some. Just as they were hooting and hollering about “Captain” Kris’ time at the top of the family organization reality struck.

Kris’ dad borrowed a boat from a friend who thought the family needed it for a day or two. Hmmm…think the elder Kelly wasn’t fully truthful about the length of time or did he think so little of his son’s chances that he figured it wouldn’t matter if the boat disappeared after one trip? Watching the Kellys is like viewing an old school Warner Bros. cartoon of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. We know who plays the Road Runner in this comparison, right?

As for Mr. Gold/Pomrenke, his exploration at The Bluff may have just paid off. Like Zeke and Emily, he has been coming up dry, but that seems to have changed in last week’s episode. He got the last laugh on dear old Dad, yet in the summary of tonight’s episode of “Bering Sea Gold”, it is noted that “his obsession reaches its limit.” What the heck does that mean? Tune in to find out.

“Bering Sea Gold” airs Wednesday nights on Discovery Channel. Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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