Retta and Lisa Edelstein as Barbara and Abby McCarthy on "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce"

‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’ RECAP Season 3 Finale: Abby Finally Gets It!

“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” ended season 3 with episode “Rule No. 91: Run Toward What Scares You” and each of the ladies did just that. No one went quietly and they took their sweet time, other than Delia. Her conversion had been in progress way before this episode, forced on her by a court who ordered community service for her behavior in Palm Springs.

We left her comfortable with her pro bono work, which actually inspired, after complaining about it being beneath her. She was able to hear a truly heartfelt apology from Albert and share an after-hours drink with him. Who else was scared their affair would blossom again? How did he get himself to the point of empathy? He attended a currently popular workout-meets-meditation class in LA, where he met angry Jo. Now that’s a duo that could be intriguing next season.

Jo  finally gave in and addressed her anger issues, in the aforementioned class. She put on gear and punched away at people, trying to cope with Zooey who had not stopped online bullying. We learned Frumpkis was still at the New Mexico rehab center and doing well. Man, he just disappeared off the show, right? Still no Scott, who is somewhere hiding from Jo’s jealousy and anger issues.

Phoebe faced her desire for jet-set living with the money that comes with that vs. being in a marriage with JD and have it be enough. By enough I mean a reasonable amount of schmoozing to bring in some cash and boost her husband’s profile as an artist. Unfortunately Phoebe’s got to go all-in and the job offer from Gemma will get her the lifestyle she loves. Hey, someone’s got to pay for her expensive childcare, right?

She got a taste of it in Palm Springs and things haven’t slowed down from there. It appeared at episode’s end that she chose that over her husband, but “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” has a way of changing direction pretty quickly. The rest of the couple’s story included JD, not Phoebe taking Molly and dissolving into a puddle of happiness and compliance. A three-way in front of his wife? Come on folks. What happened to his social anxiety disorder?

Barbara’s search for work seemed interminable and she got a job only after she spoke truthfully in an interview. Was it a great job? Probably not, but she’d be writing and creating new ideas for an in-flight magazine. She took it. As we hoped, she was dating Darrell, a true gentleman worthy of her. How did it all end for her? See below!

As for Abby McCarthy, well she wrote a fabulous novel that had the girlfriends panting for me, even declaring she would be the next EL James. Unfortunately the insufferable millennial agent made scrap the baseball setting and rewrite the story as something akin to “Outlander”. The agent might be more in tune her age group, but mature women would gobble up what Abby wrote.

At the conclusion of the show, she sounded like the old Abby. Throughout the episode she was using the fake voice and false hilarity that when combined with a lot of alcohol made her sound childish, never mind foolish. Mike Brady and his wife were not running to lawyers to bang out a settlement, and after the kids got out of control they decided he should sleep at home for a couple of nights to settle things down. Abby’s certainly been there and done that, and finally did the right thing for her.

While Mike can’t understand how fragile she’s been, at least Abby did. She voted for stability over romantic excitement. Her tendencies to ignore the warning signs were kicked to the curb with Mike. He was not a happy camper, but Abby’s ready to play to her strengths, not her weaknesses. How? That was the best story of the night and it came at the very end.

“Lady Parts” is her idea for an online community that would squeeze into the space left by She/She which will be folded after its parent company lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit against it. Presumably the writers used the Peter Thiel financed takedown of Gawker Media as their model. Abby proposed a partnership to Barbara who quickly agreed with Abby that their talents needed to breathe, free from the constraints of their current situations.

As Abby told Mike, she would typically prop him up and hope for her happy ending, making someone else’s dilemma her mission. Now her mission is to fix herself. Will it fail? We’ll find out when the series returns in the summer. Here’s hoping she’s left tipsy-flighty Abby behind.

Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission 

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