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‘Homeland’ Recap: A Caged Peter Quinn Confronts Carrie, ‘You Said Protect Franny’ (VIDEO)

“Homeland” episode six, titled “The Return” takes us further into the quagmire of who’s responsible for the bomb placed in the van driven by Sekou Bah. Quinn was suspicious of the man who lives across the street from Carrie Mathison and now Carrie understands why. Update after episode aired, posted below. 

She looked at the photos she retrieved from Quinn’s phone after he was taken into custody by the SWAT team that turned her neighborhood into a war zone. In the sneak peek video clip of the new episode, posted below, Quinn’s mournful and childlike plea for clarity doesn’t fall on deaf ears as he wonders why Carrie took him down from behind at her apartment.

He is unable to understand that she was once again saving his life from the team that entered her home with intentions to kill him, if necessary. In their minds, Quinn was holding Franny and her babysitter, and then Carrie after they let her in to defuse the situation. When she didn’t exit quickly enough for them to think she was safe they stormed the apartment and trained their weapons on Peter.

Confusion is a common thread for all major parties concerned. At the safe house where President Elect Keane was stashed after the bomb blast in New York City, we left her being briefed by Dar Adal, who was happy to report that Sekou was sprung from custody by Carrie Mathison. She doesn’t trust him, and she is without her inner circle.

The FBI has yet to solidify its assessment that Sekou was a suicide bomber, but they’re leaning that way. Carrie is in possession of the Quinn photographs which the feds have yet to see, and she’s aware that her guy at the NSA did not send her the audio tape that proved Sekou was set up prior to his arrest.

Who sent it? Her NSA friend claims he reported their meeting and her request up the chain of command. That would be too easy for “Homeland” which loves to set up multiple villains and motives. There’s always Dar, who isn’t above beginning a conflict to suit his spy purposes. Stay tuned…


Okay, what the heck just happened? Are the people who just killed FBI Agent Conlin in his own home connected to the group who took away Peter Quinn on a stretcher? Cause if you recognized the face revealed in the final seconds of the episode, you have to wonder if Astrid’s gone to the dark side. Yes, former lover and German security agent extraordinaire.  This stuff just got way better.

We got to see Carrie’s neighbor from across the street up close and personal when Carrie arrived at Conlin’s home, right after the assassin did his work. For some reason the mystery man didn’t shoot her, which is odd and doesn’t seem to fit the pattern here. Conlin, begrudgingly drank the Carrie Kool-Aid after he saw the photos from Quinn’s camera and did some digging. His confidential informant, a/k/a Sekou’s “friend” confirmed that the mystery man was not in Sekou’s universe, nevermind an accomplice of some kind. That meant the entire theory of the case was blown and he was back to square one with terrorists on the loose.

Conlin called Carrie and told her to meet him, because their convo was not safe over unsecured mobile phones. He was making sandwiches when someone got in his back door and put a bullet in his head. If someone’s listening, then why is Carrie still alive and breathing, other than because she’s the star of the show? She ran to Franny’s school to make sure she was safe and called good old Max to come over, spend the night as their protector and install state-of-the art security in the morning.

As we saw, Quinn is paranoid and thinks Carrie’s “one of them” as he said in his delusional fog of meds. He’d been battered pretty well by the cops that put him in the hospital, still thinking he almost killed a SWAT team member during his hostage taking situation. You know who else is confused? President Elect Keane. After two days of no staff around her and minimal info coming in, she finally figured out that she was getting played by the Secret Service detail.

She saw the lame duck president getting all the air time on TV post-bombing, drumming up sentiment for tightening up the Patriot Act provisions that allow the government to take more liberties with the citizens’ own liberties. She’s not on board with that and she asked the housekeeper at that safe house to get her the heck out of Dodge. She sneaked away from the Secret Service and took a long ride back to the city. The women bonded over one thing: their sons, both slain in the Middle East.

Keane found out why a woman whose son died over there didn’t vote for her. She didn’t project warmth or trustworthiness, according to the housekeeper, and that wasn’t all. In the woman’s opinion, she cast aspersions on both of their son’s beliefs and motives by being anti-war. Then there was the dart that made Keane realize she had to change some of her approach to this politics game.

Why hadn’t she ever spoken of her son, the woman wanted to know. Keane thought she’d be taken to task by “using” him as a talking point, when in fact, it would have humanized her and given voters a reason to think about her a different way. So…the moment she exited the vehicle in NYC, she spoke about him and the woman’s son, in the way a mother would who mourned the death of a child.

Saul’s still on the hunt to confirm his suspicions that Mossad manufactured info about the Iranian nuclear deal being breached. An old SVR buddy told Berenson that news on the street was that he was out of the loop with the new president. Dar Adal has tentacles a mile long. He’s doing his best to discredit Saul, again. Who’s gonna survive this season, because it’s difficult to believe both of them will.

Showtime airs new episodes of “Homeland” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video credit: Showtime, used with permission

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