‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Season 12: Without Miley Cyrus, a Love Fest (VIDEO)

“The Voice” cranked back up for season 12 and the Blind Auditions are in progress. There’s a third night of Blinds coming up on Thursday night, but after two nights, the teams are evenly matched. Alicia Keys convinced four artists to join Team Alicia, while the other coaches snagged three singers each.

Did you notice the looseness, laughs and love in the air? We’re not speaking about the fact that love birds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are working together. This is about Adam Levine, the prankster of the group, being himself once again. Without Miley Cyrus in a big red chair vying with Adam for air time and contestants, the tension from last season’s Blinds is gone.

To be fair, the group played nice once the real coaching began in the Knockouts, Battles and live shows. By that time Miley had been criticized by many for using her forceful personality to tease and compete with Adam in a way that got under his skin. Both Levine and Blake Shelton called her out on camera, in very different ways. Blake joked about it, but with some edge to it by the end of the Blinds. Adam pouted and threw sarcasm Cyrus’ way.

All that’s gone during “The Voice” season 12 and it’s back to fun and games, until the chairs turn and the coaches go to work. It’s so much of a love fest that Adam said,”We’re all adults here”, as Alicia swooped in to take singer Felicia Temple after it was clear that despite two other chair turns, the artist only had eyes for Alicia Keys.

Here are the teams after two nights of Blinds:

Team Alicia:

Felicia Temple, Autumn Turner and Anatalia Vilaranda

Team Blake:

Brennley Brown, Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden

Team Adam:

Johnny Hayes, Jesse Larson and Mark Isaiah

Team Gwen

JChosen, Stephanie Rice, Savannah Leighton

“The Voice” continues with its first week of season 12 with a special Thursday edition of the Blind Auditions, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC

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