Carnival in Hope Valley to raise money for school supplies on "When Calls the Heart" season 4 episode 3

‘When Calls the Heart’: Watch Lori Loughlin’s Day On Set Then Preview Ep. 3 (VIDEOS)

Updated with recap! Elizabeth’s crusade for families in Hope Valley

“When Calls the Heart” continues its season 4 with the episode “The Heart of the Community”.  There’s plenty on tap, as always, including thwarting plans for outlaws to rob the stagecoach carrying railroad payroll. Yes, that pesky railroad keeps bringing unwanted activity. Check out the sneak peek video clip below.

When we left Hope Valley last week, Abigail made a decision that displeased those who never want to see the railroad cut right through the town. She didn’t accept the proposal on the table and asked that a new one be submitted for negotiation. It was enough to keep hope alive for the railroad execs, despite them losing the opportunity to execute the plan put forth.

This week on “When Calls the Heart”, Elizabeth realizes she needs more school supplies for the new students. The question is how to raise the money. Charity begins at home, as the saying goes and she suggests putting on a carnival. The event ends up bringing information to light about Phillip and his estranged father.

In the video posted below, get a view of the show’s set in Vancouver as you tag along with Lori Laughlin. From the makeup trailer to filming a scene at the cafe, Lori gets us where we want to be. One of the special things about the set of “When Calls the Heart” is that the buildings are not just fronts constructed to appear as if there was a real building attached. If you’ve ever been to Universal City and the tour around the studio lot, you know how the craft of film creates illusions of physical structures. Not so in the replica of a western town built for this show.

Lori also loves the direction of her character Abigail. She sees her as a single mother experiencing things that not dissimilar from today’s challenges for single parents, despite the show being set in the early 1900s.

“When Calls the Heart” airs on Hallmark Channel, Sunday nights beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Crown Media United States, used with permission 

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