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‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Elizabeth’s Crusade For Family Life in Hope Valley

“When Calls the Heart” presented “Heart of the Community” in the latest episode of the series’ season four, and I think we can all agree that it’s Elizabeth…at least at the moment. One of the recurring themes of the season has been the prosperity for Hope Valley with the arrival of the railroad.

Along with that increase in available jobs and good pay came the unavailability of the men hard at work at the lumber mill. The railroad’s order has produced a work boom, but the deadline created a need for employees to work many more hours a day than they or their families expected. Rosemarie’s been complaining about it for a while, which made her hungry for something to keep herself busy. Little did she know that she wasn’t cut out to do the hard work each day at Abigail’s cafe. Washing dishes and filling orders with what customers want eluded her.

She’d much rather play dress designer for a new shop opening up or come up with ideas for the town’s carnival, which cost her the job. Hey, it wasn’t about the money for her, since her husband’s making a pile of it. What’s nice is that she and Abigail reached a mutual decision, pretty much at the same time, avoiding a clash. Oh yes, and her acting job as an exotic fortune teller at the carnival was the perfect role for her, right?

Elizabeth realized that parents working overtime makes them absent from home and family life. We met Phillip and his dad Shane, who brought his son to enroll in school. It was then that Elizabeth realized Shane was a single dad. Her concern came from the realization that Phillip iss alone for much of the time he’s not in school, made worse by Shane’s need for overtime to put a roof over their heads.

Philip had no one to walk him home from school and he wasn’t going to have a dad with him at the town charity carnival unless Elizabeth did something. She needed for Ray Wyatt, the railroad’s rep in town, to let the mill delay orders for one day to allow employees time with their families. Thanks to Wyatt’s crush on a sweet blonde citizen of Hope Valley, that’s exactly what happened.

Elizabeth’s charity carnival produced the results she hoped for and new books would be purchased for each student. But, that’s only today’s crisis; there will be more and she so informed the town’s mayor. Abigail’s in a tax revenue bind at the moment but fixed it when after she made a deal with Wyatt on the railroad’s arrival in town. She saved her citizens’ homes by offering a half price purchase of land north of town that would serve the railroad’s purpose and Hope Valley’s.

When Wyatt said okay, he also asked for the enterprise to be tax exempt. After getting a piece of a local merchant’s mind on that subject and realizing that increased tax dollars could be put to work in schools and elsewhere, Abigail held her ground. She agreed to a discount, which other towns gave the railroad and Wyatt agreed.

The outlaw gang setting its sights on the stagecoach with the railroad payroll was thwarted thanks to smart maneuvering by Frank. While Bill and Jack road in front of the coach, rifles loaded, Frank went back door to find the perch from which the assassin would shoot. Without a gun he thwarted the attempt to kill everyone. Now, the hired gun is in custody and ready to be asked to rat out the guys who paid him.

Frank and Abigail had a bit of a dust-up and took a break from their relationship. She was unaware he put his life in danger and got upset. He thought she was telling him he couldn’t do things like that without her permission. Abigail just wanted a heads-up, but Frank misunderstood. We all know that it won’t last long, right?

“When Calls the Heart” airs on Hallmark Channel, Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Crown Media United States, used with permission

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