Patrick Sabongui as Reda Hashem and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison on season six "Homeland"

‘Homeland’ Recap: In ‘Imminent Risk’ Dar Adal The Puppet Master, Neutralized His Enemies

The “Homeland”master spy who everyone knows not to trust, Dar Adal is pulling off something on American soil that used to be his stock in trade on the world stage. In “Imminent Risk”, we learned who manipulated the puppet strings for more than one situation the show presented this season.

Astrid didn’t devise the plan to kidnap Peter from his psych ward bed in Bellevue Hospital. Some random man with a knit cap on his head did not mastermind the bomb that blew Sekou and his truck to pieces, Carrie Mathison didn’t just lose custody of Franny because some neighbor of hers got concerned and Iranian agents didn’t set up a shadow nuclear program in North Korea.

Dar’s been a busy boy and as previously noted, isn’t above taking lives to get the desired result. We are to assume, until further notice, that the looming presidency of Elizabeth Keane has freaked out his wing of the intelligence services. So much so that it is beginning to sound like a season of “24” rather than “Homeland.

That was the Fox TV’s mega-hit’s plot pattern. Traitors abounded at CTU and elsewhere. So many directors came and went it was difficult to keep up. Spreading chaos for what was considered a patriotic cause was standard operating procedure Is that where we’ve landed on “Homeland”?

We were left with this: Peter’s being neutralized to keep him from investigating the man living across from Carrie and she’s been distracted from that endeavor by grieving the loss of her daughter. Saul’s still breathing, but just barely, and the man in the stocking cap has more to do to help Dar put pressure on PEOTUS Keane to “do something” about the growing terrorist threat at home and abroad.

The story of Franny being taken from her mother was gut wrenching, and we’ve yet to determine if the social services worker exaggerated the case against Carrie to help Dar. But even if she didn’t, Carrie needed a lesson or a couple of them to realize that raising a small child isn’t conducive to continuing her line of work.

Earlier in the season we called out her hubris for how handled the attempt to spring Sekou from prison. One might say the same behavior attaches itself to child rearing. Once she took Franny from her sister’s care Carrie tried to create a semblance of normalcy at home. The problem is that for Mathison it means reentering the world of spycraft, despite her day job’s more typical responsibilities.

In Berlin her daughter was put at risk and handed her off to others while she unraveled the facts behind the attack in Germany. In New York she chose to work at a law office that defends suspected terrorists against overreaching federal prosecutors and law enforcement.

Franny’s experiences have been traumatic. She was in the middle of a shoot out in her own home in Brooklyn and then presumed to be able to suck it up, go back into the house and make believe it didn’t happen because Mommy promised to protect her.

Is the child welfare system at fault? On the surface the answer is no. To outsiders it’s difficult to believe that Carrie knows how to keep her child from danger and being traumatized, while those that know her background realize she’s doing her best. Carrie can get herself work without it touching the world she used to live in and it’s time she found something that might be better for raising a child.

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