Adam Levine Blind Auditions season 12

‘The Voice: Adam’s HUUGE Blind Auditions Night 4, Watch His New Artists (VIDEO)

“The Voice” season 12 is not that much different in one respect, and that is the slow start experienced by Adam Levine during the Blind Auditions. In recent seasons, the Maroon 5 singer found himself on a losing streak, despite making his best arguments for why he’s the best choice.

The pattern continued and early on night four of the Blinds he had to given himself a pep talk, then somehow got sympathy from Alicia Keys. She’s playing the part of Pharrell this season, as far as telling singers why her other coaches could and would be good choices for them. Unheard of, but not for Keys and of course Williams who is absent in this cycle.

Then he went on a roll and while we haven’t heard the coaches admit that Levine might have a team to fear during this season of “The Voice”, it’s a matter of time. That is unless one of the others go have a similar win streak.

Who did he get? With Gabby Borromeo, he connected based on her early music industry experiences. Taylor Alexander turned no other chairs, so there was no competition, but Levine went crazy over the country singer crooning Cher’s tune “Believe”. He found it audacious and wonderful. A four chair turn went his way with Kawan DeBose who mentioned the diversity of Levine’s musical tastes and accomplishment. Then Josh West, another four-chair turn looked to Adam because of a 90s connection. Yes, that’s right. Go figure.

Here are the best “gets” of the night for Adam Levine.

Josh West

Kawan Debose

Taylor Alexander

Gabby Borromeo

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