Ashley waits for skin surgery on "Skin Tight", TLC

‘Skin Tight’ Preview: Shocking Pre-Skin Surgery Weight Gain For Megan (VIDEO)

“Skin Tight” is all new tonight on TLC, at 10 p.m. immediately following the newest episode of “My 600 Lb. Life”, the story of Tanisha. Skin Tight, features weight-loss surgery patients, a year or more removed from their procedure, and they are unhappy about the way they look.

These are folks who lost massive amounts of weight, which left their skin hanging and sagging. Next up for them, if it’s feasible is removal of that skin. It’s important for a number of reasons, some of them physical, and others cosmetic. In the SNEAK PEEK video posted below, we meet Meghan and our good old friend Dr. Nowzaradan. Warning: the images may disturb some viewers!

Dr. Now is not the only physician whose patients appear in “Skin Tight”, but in Megan’s case, he is. Notice his surprise as he flips through her medical chart on the eve of what he thought would be skin removal surgery. He found his patient 46 lbs. heavier than only six weeks prior when he last saw her and weighed her. What happened?

There were complications from her lap-band procedure and she’s struggling once again with demons from her teen years when she was morbidly obese and bullied in high school.

Also on tonight’s episode is the story of Ashley. At only 24, she’s suffering from joint pain caused by excess skin while she works out. Ashley has a career as a social worker and a stable love life¬†with a long-time boyfriend. He’s not complaining, but Ashley lives in fear of exposing her arms and legs, particularly in public. Will she be a good candidate for Dr. Now?

Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

“Skin Tight” airs on TLC, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, immediately following latest episode of “My 600 Lb. Life”. Sneak peek of Tanisha’s story, here!

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