Fulton Country jail inmates on "60 Days In: Atlanta" on A&E

’60 Days In: Atlanta’: It Gets Real Tonight For First Five at Fulton County Jail (VIDEO)

“60 Days In: Atlanta” began its new season last week and tonight the first participants in the program are brought to the Fulton Country Jail. A&E teases that the five volunteers in the program are, “…immediately met with drug use, sexual behavior and what it feels like to be locked in a cell for 12 hours.”

Check out the extended season preview below. It’s raw and if you can’t feel the fear then that’s on you. For those who are new to the concept of “60 Days In”, just understand that there’s only one person who knows the identity of the innocent volunteers and it’s the person at the top. The participants agreed to go undercover and risk everything to expose corruption, drug traffic and gang violence that run rampant in the corrections facility.

In Atlanta that would be Chief Jailer Colonel Mark C. Adger. After learning about the tremendous success of the previous undercover programs in Clark County, Indiana, he decided to use innocent civilians to help him expose the root of these issues, while providing an unbiased perspective of life inside his facility.  The show was wildly successful for A&E in its first season, make it cable’s #1 unscripted crime series in 2016 among adults 25-54, 18-49.

Here’s what’s new this season. Male and female participants will be separated in two different facilities; men will be housed in the main campus where they share a cell with one other inmate, while females will be in cell-bunk form with seven other inmates.

The participants include a special education teacher, a man who believes that the system has failed African-Americans and believe it or not, a former corrections officer who wants to see what it is like when the roles are reversed. There’s also a member of the U.S. Marines who aspire to work in law enforcement.

Have you ever wondered how the dynamic works for a couple that began the relationship while one was incarcerated? That issue is explored alone with how the jailed partner behaves while inside. At Fulton Country Jail, inmates are locked down together for 15 hours a day, but it’s a 24-hour a day job to keep up pretenses, hoping to fit it. No one wants to contemplate blowing their cover story.

“60 Days In: Atlanta” airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission

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