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‘When Calls the Heart’ Preview: Are Abigail and Elizabeth’s Jobs At Risk? (PREVIEW)

Updated with RECAP posted below! 

“When Calls the Heart” continues season four tonight on Hallmark Channel and just when you thought we were finished with outlaws and strife about the railroad, you find you’re wrong. In the episode “Change of Heart” the Tate brothers decided to hit another target when their raid on the stagecoach was foiled.

While Jack, Frank and Bill’s efforts saved the railroad’s payroll on that coach, it left the Tates still salivating for a big score. Will they endanger Hope Valley and more of its citizens with a new plan? In the sneak peek of the episode posted below, it looks like that is precisely what’s about to happen.

Meanwhile Abigail made her decision about taking a revised offer from the railroad, while saving the homes that were going to be lost. It was a compromise that didn’t address the concerns of those who don’t want anything to change in the town, and it isn’t just about refusal to modernize. It’s about mistrust, and tonight we learn why.

Ray Wyatt talks out of both sides of his mouth, telling people what they want to hear to get their support for the railroad’s plans for Hope Valley. You may recall that after the carnival to raise money for school supplies, Wyatt told Elizabeth that she could count on financial support from him. What he didn’t say is that it wouldn’t necessarily mean that she would remain as the school’s teacher.

As if that isn’t enough potential disruption for one episode, Abigail realizes her tenure as mayor is in jeopardy. Gowen has eyes on returning to the position and begins his campaign to recruit others who feel the same way. Abigail is already dealing with the strain between her and Frank, brought on by him feeling uneasy about what comes with the territory when you have a caring relationship with someone. As he says to Abigail, “I’m not used to anyone worrying about me.” Sheesh, could he be more dense?

There’s plenty more where that came from, so tune in and enjoy!


Both Elizabeth and Abigail were summarily booted from their positions. While both were a surprise to the women affected, at least Abigail knew that her replacement was possible if Gowen’s legal situation was cleared up.

The timing was odd, however since the first act of his new tenure was to relieve the railroad of all taxes owed to the town of Hope Valley. Wyatt and Gowen were best buddies over it, and who knows what we’ll learn about how it all came down, but for the present, Gowen has just sucked much-needed revenue from the coffers of his town.

While on one hand, Wyatt was the beneficiary of the tax vacation for his operation, he was extremely generous to the Hope Valley schools with the other. He shocked Elizabeth with the news that the railroad would cover in full the costs of educating the students who arrived due to the new job market in town.

The timing stunned and pleased Elizabeth because she and Wyatt had words when she went to ask for the money, lecturing him on fairness and his promises. Unfortunately she learned the price she would pay when she found a new teacher in the classroom one evening. As he wrote his name on the blackboard she confronted him and was informed that he was her replacement.

One thing that did go Elizabeth’s way was Phillip’s dad coming around on being more caring with his son. The little boy’s mom died during childbirth and he was made to feel guilty. That’s how much she cares for the welfare of her students, or more correctly, her former students. Can’t wait to see how the kids take to the new teacher, the antithesis of Elizabeth. It will not be pretty.

The Tate brothers attempted a startling robbery in town, once again trying to snatch the railroad payroll. They rolled up in Hope Valley and held up the banker as he reentered the place, but once again, coordination among concerned citizens including Frank, Bill and Jack stopped them in the act.

Jack learned who his replacement would be, leading the Mounties into the territories north of town. He had mentored the young man at the Academy. In the sneak peek scenes of the next episode, Jack gets terrible news, making it seem like he’ll be asked to join the fray. Stay tuned for that.

The Abigail-Frank reunion was a sweet one, helped throughout the episode by Rosemary’s romantic ideas to help Cody. He’s been affected by Frank’s absence and wrote to the advice column in the paper, not realizing Rosemary was behind it. A couple of missed opportunities were followed by a successful ruse to get them on the pier, fishing at the same time. They allowed themselves to be honest and vulnerable with each other, realizing that both of them were just a bit frightened of the feelings they had for each other.

Next week look for the town to take sides on Elizabeth’s replacement at school, the fallout from Gowen’s decision on the railroad tax situation and what’s going on with the Mounties up in the northwest.

“When Calls the Heart” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Video/image credit: Crown Media U.S.  

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