James, 46 from Paducah, Kentucky gets his chance to save his life with Dr. Nowzaradan on "My 600 Lb. Life"

‘My 600 Lb. Life’ James’ Story: At 800 Lbs. Road Trip To Seek Help Might Kill Him (VIDEO)

Updated: If you hated James, wait ’til you meet Steven! SNEAK PEEK

“My 600 Lb. Life” season 5 presents the case of 46 year-old James of Paducah, Kentucky on Wednesday night March 15 on TLC. Imprisoned in a body that weighs almost 800 lbs. immobile and trapped in a double-wide trailer, James has finally decided to get real about his health. Called super-morbidly obese, he’s been off his feet for a long time, but only recently has he been moved to do something about it.

Why? Well, because he can no longer walk or even stand, he has developed a severe case of cellulitis. In addition to be unable to get up, he can no longer move his legs. In the preview clip posted below, listen as James fears for the health of his own father, yet can do nothing to help if that becomes necessary.  RECAP posted below

His dad is his only living parent. James lost his mother when he was in high school and his comfort eating began in earnest. Once an ankle injury took him off his feet, things grew worse. He could be literally at death’s door, but there’s one huge factor holding him back from making the trip to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan. He’s unsure if he’ll live through the trip from Kentucky.

This season on “My 600 Lb. Life” all episodes have been two-hours in length and presented details of extreme cases. Last week, we got the first episode that covered a full two years in the life of a patient named Tanisha. She was unable to discipline herself and make progress on an eating program until 18 months after her first appointment with Dr. Now.

Part of her problem was the doctor’s insistence that she lose a lot of weight before she could be considered for surgery. He asks the same from all patients to see if they can change their behavior, because surgery alone won’t stop the cravings and emotional eating With James weighing almost 200 lbs. more than Tanisha and suffering from cellulitis, we know he’ll be asked to do the same. The only question is how much he’ll be asked to lose.

Come back Thursday morning for a recap of the episode.


Not since the story of Penny, has an episode frustrated us like this. James K and girlfriend Lisa were alternately sympathetic people and maddeningly clueless. While we watched them lie about how much food the sick man consumed, it was blatant and unusual enough to make you feel like they were in a trance,

Bayley, the couple’s daughter seemed like the only one who was trying to speak above the noise and warn her father and mother that James would die if they kept feeding him the way they did.

James longed for his mother who was taken away from him early in life due to her alcoholism. He was unable to resume any kind of relationship with her before she passed away. He and his brother were sent to live with his grandmother.

He was close to his dad, but when the man remarried, James felt even more shunted aside. That’s because he suddenly had a lot of step-siblings. Isolated more and more by his weight, his only friend became Lisa, who just happened to live nearby. She was married with children, but the two began an affair.

They had two children together, who were only acknowledged as his years after their birth. While he was morbidly obese during his early years with James, the pounds came quicker once he hurt his foot and became immobilized.

The man was a dictator from his own bed, and once we picked up the story, we learned that Lisa feared his verbal abuse if she didn’t feed him exactly what he wanted. His only hope was getting into Dr. Now’s program and for the first time in years, if ever, the first contact with the doctor was via a video chat.

Without resources to pay for an ambulance and attending medical professionals for the long ride to Houston, James was bedbound. An online plea for money failed, as did local efforts to raise about $15,000.  James’ father, still in the picture and came through by refinancing his own home to get his son the money for the trip. The man had just suffered a mild stroke in front of his son, but recovered enough to be of aid.

Each time James had to be moved the screams of “Oh, my leg!” or “Don’t drop me” rang out. You knew he was terrified, and yet because of his attitude, it was difficult to sympathize with him. Then we all learned why we shouldn’t be ashamed of it all. Given the chance to live James and Lisa were unable to make it work.

The only weight he lost was when he spent time in the hospital getting fed only 800 calories a day, while Dr. Now kept the rest of his body as healthy as he could. Nothing was ever done about the open sores on his legs, yet we never heard about an infection. The lies about staying on the eating plan once he left the hospital never stopped.

Everything became an obstacle. Lisa’s car got towed and they didn’t have money to get it out of impound, so their only choices of food were prepared or fast, with places nearby that Lisa could walk to. Could they have cut down on the amount of food he ate? Yes, and some attempts were made, but each time it became difficult to comply with the diet, the couple used it as an excuse to “cheat”, as they called it.

Neither of them realized that he could put on more weight, and he did. So much so, that the doctor hospitalized him again. We’ve never seen Dr. Now as angry and verbally nasty as he was with Lisa and James. Tired of the lies and their inability to understand that 100 % adherence to the program was necessary, he washed his hands of James as he released him from the hospital for the final time.

Without him losing more than 100 pounds, Dr. Now wouldn’t treat him. The doctor did help James get some physical therapy and the end result was getting him into a sitting position for the first time in three years. It wasn’t without his screams and fears, but he was so proud of himself when he finally accomplished it.

That brought vows of him ready to comply with the diet, which we all knew he wouldn’t be able to handle. The sadness of his daughter, never acting up and watching as her parents committed what could be called assisted suicide, was just awful to watch. She’d been taken out of school to help her mother care for her father.

This is a case we’d like to see in a “Where Are They Now” special. Any bets that James K was able to stay alive and help himself?

“My 600 Lb. Life” airs Wednesdays on TLC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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26 thoughts on “‘My 600 Lb. Life’ James’ Story: At 800 Lbs. Road Trip To Seek Help Might Kill Him (VIDEO)

  1. I live in Louisville,Kentucky and I am watching his story. I just pray that all goes good for well for him. I know that it is going to be very hard for him. But the whole family can not play with this. It is his LIFE he is young still. I saw the video lead into what Dr. Now. told him of the weight lbs he was to lose. I just shook my head and hung it low. (There’s no WAY). This Doctor is very FAIR. He is the best. Get with the program James! Lisa is not her fault. It’s yours. If I had a gun I would shoot my tv. You make me sick you don’t even try why don’t you just be honest and be honest with every person you’re wasting and lying to your self. GET SOME RESPOSIBITES. Stick with your 800calory. diet it will WORK! Like Dr. Now said it is now up to you. Don’t be a bull head. Remember your Daddy he really needs your help back in KY!!!!

    • You were in the Air Force and yet your grammatical abilities are educationally stunted at an sixth grade skill set? Really?

  2. James you need to stop being a whinny child…. you ruined a chance to change your life…then you want to blame the doctor and he still didn’t give up on you…. you need to head back to Kentucky and let someone serious about changing there life have the opportunity… you should be ashamed James your dad refinanced his house to get you there….no pity from me…. and I’m sure you will not get much from anyone else… grew up and lose the 100lbs prove me and so many others wrong…. because I have no faith in you

  3. What does it take to let yourself get intothat position? Everybody does eveverything for you! Take it seriously! You blame everything and everyone. You have to do it or you will die. I too have no faith in you. If you could do it you would not be as big as you are.

  4. Zero compassion for this overgrown baby and his enablers. He is a user and thinks everyone is at his disposal-if he had to fend for himself and work for his daily needs, things would be a lot different. When you have to get up and earn a paycheck so you can keep a roof over your head, it changes your perspective. Taxpayers again paying the bill for him to lay in bed and eat.

  5. This ending was total Bullsh!t.

    I have to assume that James and his GF are both mentally ill.

    James needs to find a facility to check into that will control his diet and provide him with counseling, physical therapy and exercise – A place that can take him through to the end of his journey to physical fitness where he can be under medical supervision 24 hours a day (and away from anyone that would continue to enable him).

    James is ultimately responsible for his condition but his GF doomed any hope James might have had for success by continuing to enable him. Had his GF been able to follow the doctors orders and only feed him 800 calories a day, James would have lost the weight and gotten the weight-loss surgery.

    He needed her to be strong when he was weak.

    It turns out that they were both weak.

  6. had many overweight patients in my years of nursing. james must get strong spiritually an believe that he can do this weight lost.We are all praying for you. Ask God for help.and stay focused .

  7. This story was the most hilarious episode ever. James had 8 burgers, 2 ounces of gravy with 7 crushed pancakes and then asked for more. They when she offered him desert he began to cheer. The girlfriend needs to find him another PCA worker and run like hell. He uses anyone he can to get him what he wants. One would think that she would have followed the Dr’s orders, but it’s only until she gets tired of picking up his Shit and cleaning his ass is when she’ll learn. (Goes in one way and out the other. I would have that MF on a liquid died. Piss is easier to clean than shit)

  8. When he blamed a new mattress for his appearing even heavier than previously I knew this guy was delusional. I felt very sorry for his wife having to look after those putrid sores on his legs and no doubt wiping the feces off his butt. She is an enabler and can not deal with the truth but I felt sorry for her. Him? Not at all.

  9. Yes, I too wonder how people can afford to buy so much food. Anyone have answers to this? No one ever seems to work. I’m trying not to be judgemental. I would just really like to have it explained to me because I’m curious.

  10. Best line of the show: “Am I going to bleed out?”

    One of the most difficult things I think I’ve watched in some time. I think the most difficult thing to watch was his girlfriend placing huge piles of food and cheese cake in front of his face when she knew eating like that is killing him. I realize she is obviously sick as well and co-dependent, but come on.

    Reminded me of the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman movie “Seven” and the gluttony guy, except James K is voluntarily going it to himself.

    Both sad and sickening.

  11. This episode just infuriated me, wasting so many people’s time and energy.
    If his girlfriend is so scared of his behaviors> Leave! Im trying my hardest, give us a break! stop the blame game, Its all you!

  12. He also bites his nails. Isn’t the 40 pounds of food a day that his spineless GF brings to him ENOUGH? He has to chew on his nails too? Gross.

  13. It made me furious when James allowed his poor, down and out father put a 2nd mortgage on his house, to enable James enough money to travel to Houston, via EMS transport. Still not enough for James to stop the lying and receive help offered to him. I am a Registered Nurse, and he should let medicaid place him in a Nursing Home. He will be maintained on a diet, and receive treatment for the cellulitis. That will eventually mean amputation Some things cannot be healed..

  14. as someone who has struggled with weight and considered surgery , I decided against surgery because until you can fix the eating problem in your head it doesn’t matter what size your stomach is , james level of denial would have that new stomach stretched out in a week. I respect the work dr now does but without addressing the eating behaviors and triggers surgery wouldn’t work

  15. Yes both of them made me mad just wanted to slap both of them kick her out and bring someone in that will not bring him all that food that the only way his going to live

  16. There is something that does not add up here. Is Lisa, the so called girlfriend named as a beneficiary in an insurance policy?, or is she simply a sadist? The whole relationship between the two is a strange one. I get the impression that Lisa is unable to support herself and has latched on to this young man for survival purposes only. She mentioned during the program that she wanted to leave James. Perhaps that is exactly what she should do. Lisa might as well load a gun and put it to the young man’s head, because she is slowly killing him.

  17. I watched this agonizing program for two hours only to be left without knowing what happened to James or his father or daughter. I am concerned if his father is able to repay the second mortgage on his home and how is the father’s health, I am concerned if James’s daughter began school, and lastly is James alive? What a GF!! Lisa and James behaviours infuriated me. They refused to help themselves, they also allowed loved ones to waste time energy to constantly provide care for James. James sucked the life out of his family. TLC left so many unanswered ????????????

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