Henry Cummins and Erin Krakow in "Heart of a Teacher" on episode 5 of "When Calls the Heart".

‘When Calls the Heart’: Scandal Engulfs Elizabeth Who Fights Back

Updated: Did you see the ring? Elizabeth’s euphoria then heartbreak

“When Calls the Heart” continues tonight on Hallmark Channel and everyone wants to know if Elizabeth will be able to return to her job as the town’s school teacher. In “Heart of a Teacher” we’ll watch her fight to do just that. She will have to try to prove a negative, which is never easy.

There are many things we might believe about the characters on the show, but a scandal from Elizabeth’s past isn’t one of them. Giving her the benefit of the doubt seems like a no-brainer. There is at least one citizen of Hope Valley that not only believes it, but had the power to punish her for that. Elizabeth must clear her name and she has so much credibility in Hope Valley that most of the citizens are behind her.

When we last left Elizabeth she found a school teacher in her classroom. He informed her that he was her replacement. The school children are none too happy about the change and you know they are behind her quest to quash the scandalous accusations.

When Henry Gowen reclaimed his job as mayor of Hope Valley, he not only fired Elizabeth, he swiftly made changes that benefited the railroad. Most importantly, he relieved them of any tax burden, in contravention of the deal Abigail struck with the railroad representative Ray Wyatt.

“When Calls the Heart” has some sad moments in “Heart of a Teacher” and they are felt most keenly by Jack. The young Mountie he mentored went off to fight in the northern territories, and bad news is delivered. Jack had asked to remain in town rather than join the band of Mounties who entered the conflict. Will the sad news change his mind about staying near Elizabeth in Hope Valley?

RECAP posted: is there a proposal coming any time soon????

“When Calls the Heart” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. ET   Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

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