Charlie Wright on season six premiere of "Yukon Men"

Ready For ‘Yukon Men’ Season 6 Premiere? Tanana Under Siege, From Nature and Humans

Updated: sneak peek of the new season posted.

“Yukon Men” will be back in action for season six on Discovery. It all begins Friday night April 21 on 9 p.m. ET/PT and things have changed.

This season, the town of Tanana feels like it’s under siege, while it still recovering from a wildfire that almost wiped it out. The natural disaster was called the largest in the country, not just Alaska, taking with it a half-million acres of prime land for hunting and trapping. As far as what else the inhabitants of Tanana have to deal with, well, for that you just have to look at yourself, and not nature.

People, outsiders are about to arrive. How can that be, considering what we know of Tanana is that it’s 130 miles from the nearest city, and as the network says, it sits “…on the brink of civilization?” It’s all about new roads that connect it to the city of Fairbanks. When you add the fire ravaged land to the ability of outsiders to come trophy hunting, the couple of hundred inhabitants feel like they are under siege, that’s for sure.

Then there is the increasingly obvious climate change issues to deal with. Weather patterns have shifted dramatically, making life unpredictable, in a place that counts on the seasons being consistent. What does that mean? Only the strong survive or want to. Perhaps the bigger question is who will be able to withstand the influx of outsiders.

Where did we leave off at the end of season five of “Yukon Men”? If you’re a fan of the show, it’s difficult to forget! We watched Jessi and Chris lure a bear out of its den, with Jessi as bait. They were out of options if they wanted food for winter, which was closing in. Jessi really faced her fears, and it seemed to empower her.It gave them both the feeling they can make it in the bush of Alaska if they choose to do so. Will this season change that?   Tune in…

“Yukon Men” will air its sixth season premiere, Friday night April 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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