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‘Homeland’ Preview: Saul Flees, Carrie Testifies, Dar Faces Arrest (VIDEOS)

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“Homeland” is set to ride the wave towards the season’s conclusion. On the next episode, “The Flag House”, Quinn’s ready to face off with the man behind the bombing and Astrid’s death. Dar Adal and Saul face prison and if they end up jailed, it will be Carrie who puts them there.

She is set to be sworn in for a deposition, in which President-Elect Keane expects that she will implicate both men in covering up the security breach of the CIA station in Berlin. Saul got the news directly from Carrie in the previous episode, while Keane gets the pleasure of telling Dar to his face this week.

Saul attempts to leave the country and has help, either from someone who owes him a favor or a sympathizer. He picks up his packet of goodies at a diamond dealer in New York City, and in addition to new identification, weapons and money, there is a small handful of diamonds. He puts them in his pocket and tells the man in front of him to tell the source that he’ll miss their morning walks together. Any guesses?

It is going to be a big day for Carrie, because after the depo she is scheduled to see her daughter for the first supervised visit. In the sneak peek posted below, watch as she preps for the day while hounded by Max. He’s trying to lure her into investigating the sock puppet mill he discovered the last week. Her mind is already on seeing Frannie, because she asks Max to toss her Hop, the¬†little girl’s favorite stuffed animal.

“Homeland” has a knack of picking up on current events in the world of national security and world affairs and running with it. When it’s done right, it feels like we’re getting inside information, despite knowing the show is scripted and considered fiction. Max’s concern is more than identifying the funding source. He fears that open dissent in the country is attempting to be squelched. Stay tuned…


Okay, here we go “Homeland” fans. The beginning of the roller coaster ride began last week, as the pieces began to fit. This week, in “The Flag House”, we’re back to edge-of-your-seat action. Carrie didn’t testify, Saul actually called Mira and listened to her advice and President Elect Keane faced off with Dar Adal, who might have reached too far.

Then there was Quinn, the man that can’t be stopped. Feeble, hobbled and less than who he was, Quinn was able to track down Dar’s puppet shooter. Even better was that Quinn found that old buddies were in on it. As part of a black ops team in the CIA, he and the others took orders from Dar.

In tracing the shooter, he went to an old safe house used by the group and found vans with the same decals as those on the truck driven by Sekou Bah. Yikes! Dar had lots of help, and the man across the street from Carrie is only one of many. We left Quinn with Carrie and the bad guy in the crosshairs. Wait, Carrie was with him?

Until moments prior to her joining Quinn she thought he was still at Bellevue. Sheesh, it might only been a few days or a week, but it seemed like years since the scene of Peter dragged out of her home after the shooting. She got the news from Clarice, Quinn’s pal from the early part of this season. She had a short video of Quinn on her phone to reassure Carrie that this woman was safe to trust.

Carrie had a day that began like a horror story and ended well, if you accept the fact that she knows Dar can take Frannie from her at will. She had already bolted from the deposition when she put the pieces together about Dar being behind the cancellation of the visit with her daughter. A strong scene between her and Keane came on the heels of that, as the two got into a standoff about the change of plans.

This was after Keane called Dar’s bluff and threatened him with jail, letting him know that she was on to him. All she needed was testimony, and now all roads lead to giving Saul a deal, if he hadn’t already fled the country. He didn’t and in one of the strangest scenes in a long time, he called upon his ex-wife Mira to help him succeed at where he chose to hide.

Doesn’t that endanger her if she knows? Sure it does, but here’s thinking that Saul knows Mira won’t fold under pressure from the CIA when they begin hunting for him. It turns out that it was a better play for Saul if she knew, since upon questioning by the agency, she might offer up the special place in Greece they had hoped to land after he retired. Mira shamed him for his plan to flee. He’s open to a deal but someone has to put him together with Keane.

The only question is if Dar will learn in time that Saul’s still in town. Nice haul from the diamond dealer, right? Guess he’s got to give it all back if he sticks around. But, Dar is so busy pushing ahead on his quest to make life miserable for Keane that he might not notice. Max confirmed to Carrie, via video taken at O’Keefe’s sock puppet farm, that Dar was behind it. He doesn’t have that kind of money, however, so we still need to know who is the financial backer. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Carrie hasn’t seen the video yet, but Saul has. Nice touch for him to break in. Didn’t Max put in some fancy security system?

Nonetheless, Max was caught using his phone in the place and was hauled out by security. Dar had not noticed him as O’Keefe showed off his work to the old spy. He had scored a bullseye with his attack on Keane’s son, and she was roiling over it. Against the advice of her staff she had them set up a press conference for the next morning. That is not going to be pretty.

So, where does this leave us as the show heads to its final episodes? If Saul testifies with a deal behind him, Dar goes down. It remains to be seen if O’Keefe’s operation will be uncovered. Quinn and Carrie are back together, bonding with a high-powered rifle ready to take someone out. Did anyone else wonder if she should have heeded the advice of the shrink she saw, that sometimes a kid needs to come first? Endangering herself again might not be the way to get Frannie back.

“Homeland” airs Sundays on Showtime, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: Showtime, used with permission

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