Daniel Lissing as Mountie Jack on "When Calls The Heart" Season 4 on Hallmark Channel

Hearties Ask If Jack Is Leaving ‘When Calls The Heart’, Hallmark Channel Answers

UPDATED- Recap of season finale. Redemption, healing but Jack??

“When Calls the Heart” fans are wondering about the fate of Daniel Lissing’s character Jack, and there’s a sense of concern. Some TVRuckus readers are beginning to ask if he’s being written off  the show.

They desperately want Jack to return safely to Hope Valley after his assignment in the northern territories, to fulfill the promise of marrying Elizabeth Thatcher. After all, the couple just got engaged. His immediate departure even cut short efforts to give them a “proper” engagement party, as Rosemary said.

There’s a sense of panic building among #Hearties and along with that, some angry comments after the episode “My Heart Will Go On”. We posed a question to a representative of Hallmark Channel today which netted this response: “They’ll have to tune in each Sunday night through April 23rd to see where Elizabeth & Jack’s journey leads!”

Here’s just a sample of what #Hearties are saying:

Bill Demarco: “My wife and I have watched the show since the beginning and have become avid When Calls the Heart watchers. Jack is an important part of the series and if dropped the series will loose its weekly viewers in great numbers and be another lost program people won’t remember in six months.”

JPack: “This is my favorite show. and Jack leaving to go up north was just pitiful. Keep it the way it is.”

Pam Baumgardner: “Jack better not be leaving show.”

Bonnie Klaith: “I am losing faith in Hallmark. Can you not see that the reason people watch this wonderful program is because it oozes hope. We watch the show weekly to see the relationships of the main characters grow, root for them to overcome adversity and make the Iives of everyone in the HOPE VALLEY community better. Jack is the glue in that community. Without Jack, where is that hope? Without Jack there is no Hope Valley.”

The episode was a turning point in “When Calls the Heart”. The romance between the town school teacher and the Mountie is at the center of the show. When they would make it official has been a question for a while now. If that weren’t enough for one night, Elizabeth Thatcher was reinstated to her teaching position. Abigail’s efforts were successful as she convinced a fellow teaching student of Elizabeth’s to help with that.

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.  Here’s a link to the recap of the episode.  

“When Calls the Heart” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Crown Media U.S., used with permission 

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123 thoughts on “Hearties Ask If Jack Is Leaving ‘When Calls The Heart’, Hallmark Channel Answers

    • if DANIEL LISSING WILL LEAVE AND I AM GUESSING PAUL GREENE WILL REPLACE HIM, no offense, the STORY SUCKS AND IS DIS-HEART-ENING. why will you shut down Daniel Lissing replace him with Paul Greene? YOU DON’T SHOW HIS NAME ANYMORE ON THE CAST AND YOU PUT PAUL GREENE NEXT TO ERIN KRAKOW’S NAME when showing names on the screen. it does not suit the story. people will lost interest, WHEN CALLS THE HEART is focused on Ms.
      Thatcher and Jack Thornton’s love life and the rest of the community. this is not a sequel like soap opera that people will come and go. it is no longer the same, if you will write a book, it will not be told like that. we are intelligent viewers and we know good stories when we watch one. WHEN CALLS THE HEART IS A GOOD NOVEL, if you will change characters, phase it out properly, but this is not LIKE EMERGENCY HOSPITAL STORY, where people come and go or BATMAN, SUPERMAN, EXMEN OR SUPERHEROES WHERE YOU CHANGE FACES OF THE CHARACTERS WHEN THEY GROW OLD OR OBSOLETE OR CANNOT PERFORM ANYMORE. this is love story between two lovers who started rough and made it to love life and go through hardships, they deserve to be seen by VIEWERS LIKE US WHO ARE PATRONIZING THE SHOW. because we love it and we like and we live the life they do. we deserve that.

      • To Rebekah b.
        What do you know.
        If you don’t like the show fine leave it to the hearties out there including me who do

        Abbi F.

  1. We love When Calls The Heart!! There are very few family shows left anymore!!! If Jack doesn’t come back we will be done watching it as it will not be the same. We want to see the long anticipated wedding and their lives together. Hoping that he comes back before the end of season 4! Thanks to all the writers and actors!!! Keep up the awesome wholesome program!!!!

  2. I thought it was an amazing episode. I know it was hard to watch him leave but I am holding out hope that he will return. The writers created a beautiful proposal scene and the actors and crew nailed it! It was evident how much emotion and heart went into filming it. I am excited to see what happens next.

  3. I have watched thus show from day 1. I love the hallmark channel. There is so much negativity in this world that it is nice to watch a great show, but I know this if Jack doesn’t come back a Heartie I will no longer be. It just wouldn’t be the same.

  4. There Is NO way he’s not coming back! If Daniel Lissing were actually leaving for good, We would of heard for sure by now!!!

  5. I love Jack, Elizabeth and the entire When Calls The Heart family. I truly believe Jack will return to Hope Valley and people are needlessly frantic. The characters must grow or they become stagnant and too predictable. The writers did an amazing job of talking about being true to your calling, trusting, and keeping commitments. This short detour will only make Jack and Elizabeth stronger. Relax fellow #Hearties. Have hope!!!

    • Hey Guys, lets not jump off the deep just yet. Daniel Lissing is a great guy and he will return. Hallmark, pay him millions so the show can go on. Erin needs a million too, so does Lori. We just don’t often get great programing so you can understand our concerns. Please put them to rest and tell us. Never mind, just pay them millions.

  6. My Heart will NOT go on w/ out Jack! We ALL need a HERO! & Jack IS ours. LOUD PROUD #HEARTIE CROWD!! Jack + Elizabeth= NOW & FOREVER!! So HURRY Back Jack!! Were right here waiting for you! <3

  7. Jack will be back. Threatening to not watch the show if he doesn’t come back is crazy. The show is about Jack and Elizabeth. He’ll be up north for at least one episode and he’ll be back.

  8. The writers wrote an awesome show! The actors, ALL OF THEM were outstanding! Peter Delouise directed it superbly!! Thank you to all!!! I had 6 cries!! Happy and sad!!! The story line is awesome! All actors will be back, I have no doubt! This is just good story telling! That is why we watch! Hope, love, life at its best. Thank you Hallmark for giving us all that! Keep it coming as I can see the future full of promise.

  9. This isn’t the first time Jack has left for another assignment. This just opens up some new material for the writers to work with. I’m excited to see Jack’s Norhern adventures!

  10. Is he taking some time off because of his grandmother’s death in real life. The show will not be the same without him. Come back soon.

    • This season was filmed last year, so his grandmother’s passing has nothing to do with why his character left Hope Valley. The entire cast is on a hiatus now, or filming other projects. Hopefully they will all be back filming a season 5 later this year!!

  11. I’m a #Heattyfan4life, let’s have faith Jack will come back. If you really think about it, by Jack leaving for awhile, it will spark back the excitement and romance the show had in the beginning of the Series with him and Elizabeth.
    He will be missed ALOT, but when he comes back it’ll be a New beginning for them and more things to look forward to. He is a main character of the show, however, everybody else is just as important, because without them, there won’t be “Where the heart is”. So many great actors in there, let’s enjoy it and v have fun. Remember, think positive. He’ll be back❤

  12. You must bring Jack back! It will never be the same without him! The proposal scene was absolutely wonderful! Jack’s leaving was heart wrenching and I cried like it was happening to me! Please bring Jack back and let their love story continue! Do not be like ABC and kill off Castle and Beckett in the finale! I am still mad about that ending! For once, give the fans what we want!

  13. I sincerely hope they bring him back and this season. He’s a fresh face as most of the other stars have been around on halmark, quite awhile. I won’t have a reason to warch it- if he doesn’t come back

  14. I’m not worried he will be back Daniel Lissing is Elizabeth’s heart & soul. They are the ultimate couple 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 My Aunt and myself could watch all the shows even the the new season 24/7 ….lol We have WCTH marathons A LOT 💗😁

  15. What a great show! The writers create moments to teach us. We learn to have Faith and Hope. They show us Love with this couple and the town. Have Faith Hearties. Hope Valley is a wonderful place look how far they have come. Believe.

  16. My thoughts are Jack went to fulfill a mission much like a soldier goes off to war. I have Hope he will come back. I really Really hope Hallmark realizes we watch their channel and particularly this show because in the times we live we all need to see a refreshing show that gives us that glimmer that all things work for good… gives us hope. Life is full of disappointments and we need a few shows that let us live out our fantasies of they lived happily ever after!

  17. Jack will be back. They have to have a cliff hanger for the last episode to keep us guessing until they come back with season 5. I think what they might do is for the last episode have Jack maybe hanging off the back of his horse riding into town injured so that Elizabeth can help nurse him back to health. They need to keep us in suspense until season 5 so we’ll come back to watch and see what happens. Just a thought. I do agree that Jack and Elizabeth are the glue that holds Hope Valley together. They can’t break the bond that Jack and Elizabeth have. I don’t think anybody can have the bond that Erin and Daniel seem to have with each other.

  18. I guess leaving to fight a greater cause is better than being killed off. OR I see a spin off coming. Want to see a wedding and a baby there have been no real baby stories in this series and that would add a whole dynamic to showing life in that era with the clothes providing for a baby, child birth in that era, etc.

  19. When Calls the Heart has touched over 47,000 lives plus since beginning four years ago. # Hearties love our Janette Oake, Michael Landon Jr, Brian Bird, Daniel Lissing, Erin Kraków, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner, Kavan Smith, Pasquale Hutton , Loretta Walsh, Johanna N , Natasha, Pasquale Hutton, Nalil, Eva, Martin Cummings , Paul Greene, Josie Bisette , the new cast coming ,hard working cast , children and crew! It would never be the same without Daniel Lissing! This shows brings us faith hope love friendship and so much more! You will never know how much joy this show has to Touched lives and the next generation !
    Thank you to Brad Krevoy MPCA tv, Hallmark, Peter Louise , Sponsors one to Four! We love our show! Thank you so much!
    A very proud # Hearties!
    # Hallmarkchannel

  20. I am a #Heartie and i love Jack and Elizabeth if he left forever i would stop watching but i have faith he’ll return and they’ll have a long awaited wedding

  21. I am a big fan of jack and hope he returns. On another note, does anyone else think it is strange that we are more than halfway through the fourth season and there has not been one appearance by any person of color? Not even an extra?

    • There are several people of color on the show. There’s the blacksmith and a man who works at the lumber mill and a lady we saw looking at the baby in the carriage. Look closely and you’ll see them 🙂

  22. This episode offered Emmy-worthy performances by all involved. Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing particularly poured their hearts and souls into the EP. Their pain (a funeral for a friend and comrade), their joy (their engagement!) and then riveting pain again (Jack’s leaving) was palpable and left all of us #hearties in a state of sheer emotional exhaustion. It’s Tuesday, and I’m still crying. Jack and Elizabeth’s love story IS When Calls The Heart. We are all fully and emotionally invested in these characters so, to lose Jack would leave a gaping hole in both the writing and our hearts. I’m not sure the show (or us!) could recover. Please bring Jack back to Elizabeth, safe and sound.


  24. Bernadette, you must not be looking very hard for other ethnicities. In the last episode alone, there was a black woman sitting in the audience at the music recital – she was sitting way in the back, but she was there, and there was another black woman and an asian man present at the engagement party. There was also a black man who had a small speaking part in one of the earlier episodes this season (episode 2, I believe?), when they had a town meeting and he was voicing his concerns over the railroad coming to town. The same man also counted up the votes at another town meeting.

    Back to the main topic, I will also stop watching if Jack’s absence is extended beyond the next episode. Call me flighty, but there is a lot of TV programming vying for my attention. You either give the viewers what they want or they go elsewhere. Risky move here.

  25. Jack had to come back the show would not be the same. Him and Elisabeth are the heart and soul of the show ! Love this show !!

  26. My friends and family thought the episode was wonderful but quite the send off for someone who has left town before. The conversations, the assignment is “indefinite” and he even said a special goodbye to Rip. When they reviewed their relationship in the flashbacks, we all looked at each other and said, he must be really leaving! This was a send off of a character, it felt final. If he was coming back, why take it that far? Contracts can be broken…and actors may have other things going on. Interesting they brought in 2 other hallmark leading men this season as well. Hope he’s back, but we are not holding our breath.

  27. I love this show, so refreshing. My husband thinks the single father of the new little boy will step in when Jack gets killed. I hope hes wrong, they need to bring Jack back to marry a Elizabeth, we’ve all been waiting for this wedding. Please don’t disappoint us!!

  28. I am in agreement that Jack is not going anywhere for good. Daniel Lissing made the comment that he got to do lots of action scenes this season and I don’t think we’ve seen that very much yet. Also, I truly believe that hallmark knows a good thing when they see it and getting a couple engaged that Hearties have wanted to see for seasons and then killing the leading man off is not the way I would think they would go. I just experienced this with another show I like called CBC’s Heartland which is in it’s 10 season and this past season the main male character married to the main female character who was pregnant with their first child got shipped to Mongolia because the actor wanted more time off. He was in a total of about 7 eps out of 18 which was incredibly annoying especially with a baby on the way. But he came back in the end, and I think Hallmark has some good surprises up their sleeve or at least I hope so and am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Keep up the good work!

  29. Love this show! Reminds me a lot of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”. Everything about this show oozes with hope – hope in the Lord being at it primary basis! I love it! I do belief Mountie Jack willl return. His absence only adds to the anticipation of their nuptuals. Can’t wait to see how hope in the Lord plays out for Jack and Elizabeth when they are finally reunited. I just hope it isn’t too long of a wait. : ) Great show! Keep it up Hallmark! #WCTHFan; A true Heartie!

  30. My husband and I….(along with so many others) love this series. I pray that Jack is not being written out of the show. What a sad and awful thing that would be. Just like when they took off “Cedar Cove” We both loved that series, too. It will be sad for viewers of Hallmark, as I’m sure many will stop watching the channel and get involved in any of their series, because of this.
    Please bring Jack home and also please bring back Cedar Cove.

  31. Jack is the glue. Without the glue (Jack) the show will fall apart. This show is so wonderful. The only show I have heard no cussing. It’s shows like this that Christian people like to watch and believe me there are a lot of Christianstuff out there and a lot of heartiest too. Please bring Jack back safe.

  32. Thank You. My Heart Will Go On was so beautifully written. There’s not much left on TV anymore that speaks to me, or brongs up emotions, but I went through a lot of kleenex Sunday night. I thought I was past the tears, but Jacks reference to his feelings for Elizabeth during his heart to heart with Rip still has me tearing up. So real, so many if us only show what’s really deep inside our hearts to our 4 legged family members.
    I have a feeling Jack will come home, perhaps a bit changed with some challenges that he and Elizabeth will struggle to overcome…together. Another lesson about love & commitment that we have all but forgotten in todays society.

    • Well said Nancy! I agree with everything you said, and honestly don’t think Hallmark would ruin a good thing. JACK WILL BE BACK!!! 🙂

  33. Hallmark, you are on a slippery slope right now having Jack (Daniel Lissing) leaving Hope Valley. If he is indeed leaving the show for personal reasons then I wish him all the best. On the other hand, if it is because of a contractual dispute then I would think long and hard before not renewing his contract. He is an integral part of the show. I can assure you that if does leave, the show will lose a very large fan base thereby hastening the demise of a very good series. Again, if he is leaving on his own accord to pursue other interests I wish him nothing but the very best.

  34. Jack and Elizabeth are the two main stars. I have watch this from the beginning and watch their love grow. Everyone is right if Jack is gone where is the Hope in Hope Valley. This community has seen too many heartaches and this would just devastate the show and I think you would lose a lot of yours

  35. Jack and Elizabeth are the two main stars. I have watch this from the beginning and watch their love grow. Everyone is right if Jack is gone where is the Hope in Hope Valley. This community has seen too many heartaches and this would just devastate the show and I think you would lose a lot of yours

  36. Maybe Jack will be gone till Season 5. Hope Valley may be notified that Jack is missing or possibly dead. Elizabeth thinking that he will never return may get interested in the single father with the new little boy. About the time that Elizabeth starts a new relationship, Jack will return and their love for each other will be renewed, but not without some challenging issues.

  37. I have watched that episode about Jack leaving probably 100 times over and over again. I have not stopped crying for the 100th time over and over again. The cast and the writing staff should be very proud of themselves for making me and a thousand plus fans for making us feel this way. They also should read, hear and listen to the pouring out of our “Heart’s” with all the comments from such devoted fans that need one hour each week to look forward to a little happiness in watching such a wonderful show and to know that the “Jack and Elizabeth” story will go on! Please bring Jack home and continue to leave us with that one hour a week to look forward to! Bring him home!

  38. When Calls The Heart and Cedar Cove, 2 of the best shows on the airwaves. It’s bad enough Hallmark took off Cedar Cove which by the way was an amazing, wholesome, family oriented show. Please don’t write off Jack. Bring him back the HOPE Valley. With my cable plan, I don’t get Hallmark but, I faithfully catch up on the episodes online or I watch it on demand at my mothers. Bring Jack home safely so he and Elizabeth can get married.

  39. I’ve heard Daniel Lissiing wants out!? I’m wondering if the addition of Paul Greene isn’t going to “comfort” Elizabeth.

  40. I hope that’s not true that Daniel Lissing wants off the show. Rumors abound. I can understand if he has other rolls to pursue for a while and needs time away. Even if his return is not until next season, he has to come back. The show has centered around his and Elizabeth’s romance/relationship. I cannot see her with anyone else.I don’t think I would continue watching. I never get caught up in series, but I’ve watched all of Janet Oke’s movies over and over again, so I got caught up in it. There’s so little that is good and decent on tv any more that we can watch with our families. Jack has to come back and they have to have their wedding. It just would not be WCTH without him coming back.

  41. Please bring Jack back please keep this show going love all of the players
    Elizabeth & Jack are the glue that holds this show together

    Thank you

  42. Erin scream for Jack brought the tears. The first role I saw her in was Army Wives and her fiance died. PLEASE do not do that to this couple. They are When calls the heart. Such a beautiful voice. I love the show, Lori and all the cast Great actors!!!More, More, Back come back quick and safe!!!Wedding and I want to come!!!

  43. I am new to the WCTH fan club but have caught up with the episodes- I too was shocked to see Daniel ( Jack) leave hopefully he the actor will be back because the chemistry between the two leads is wonderful- while I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirits to all those who say they want Jak back- whose to say they bring Jack back as a different actor ? Anyone remember the “Dallas” cliffhangers?It would kill the series as Daniel Lissing has made Jack his own.Hoping and praying that Daniel lissing will back soon – sigh Cheers

  44. As an actor, Daniel Lissing might be considering not to renew his contract. If that’s the case…Daniel please reconsider. We love you!

  45. I’m a new Heartie I started watching the episodes thru Netflix and am completely caught up. So imagine my dismay at seeing this couple torn apart at the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Nevertheless I am holding onto Hope.

  46. Hallmark, please don’t take Jack out of the show! My husband and I think When Calls the Heart is the best show on TV. It won’t be the same without Jack! I want to see a wedding! I don’t want her with anybody else! Please please please bring him back safe and sound!!
    (I just hope Daniel Lissing isn’t wanting off the show)

  47. I am so unhappy about Jack leaving and hope he is well. The show would be so disappointing without him. Please bring him back. It completes my weekend. Sandi 😢😢😢

  48. You have When Calls The Heart , you’ve got the Good Witch and you have Chesapeake Shores. I have fallen in love with each one of the series When Calls The Heart is my number one favorite. I can’t understand why you mess with the main characters. You did this in the Good Witch and took out Chris Potter. He was the husband and it now has a new person in there to fill-in where Chris Potter had from the very beginning and it changes the story line it doesn’t have the same magic.
    That’s what I see you doing here In Hope Valley. why do you take a wonderful show like when calls the heart and take out the main character it’s very upsetting if in fact this is what you are doing. I probably will not turn in again because I’m tired of getting happy with the cast in the crew and people that you have in the shows and then you conveniently just take them out and the show is never the same again. Very upset with Hallmark. Please keep Jack inthe show.

  49. Calm down hearties LOL Most all if not all TV shows have these suspenseful moments. I’ve had favorite shows end on a cliffhanger I hated LOL Jack is a Mountie, hello! And with that comes responsibilities just like Elizabeth has as a teacher. Let them do their jobs and have faith Jack will return. How many times on Little House On the Prairie (great show) did Paw Ingalls have to leave and could had been killed on some of the dangerous jobs he did but he wasn’t. Chill people. I want to know as much as anyone if he will be back. Hey, I never have minded spoilers but I think this is one show you can’t find any spoilers for? LOL

  50. It would be sad for Jack not to come back. The show would not be the same. Hope all is alright with Daniel Lissing. It is a great family show!!

  51. Why, why, why would you take a great story line, build it up to the marriage proposal which we have all been waiting for and send Jack away? I look forward to this show every week and am so disappointed in the way the show is headed. Please bring Jack back and soon. If he doesn’t come back I will not be watching anymore.

  52. I have truly enjoyed watching this show, my family is getting on board too. Good.sweet.television. Daniel Lissing is missed by the minute…I am hoping this is not like another Matthew moment on Downton Abbey. In any case can I just say thank you to all for such a terrific show. Nice to watch tv that makes me smile.

  53. With the announcement that Daniel Lissing has taken on the role of Jesse James in the new TV series ‘Timeless’, I think there may be some truth to the rumors that he’s leaving ‘When Calls the Heart’. I’m curious to see if he will be wrote out of the series completely or if he’s simply withdrawn from being a regular lead to a recurring guest in future episodes. If he has left the series altogether, this does not bode well for the series as it was his shared story arc with Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) that propelled the show. It also doesn’t help that it was largely his on-screen charisma and presence that drew in viewers as Erin Krakow can be come off wooden on even the best day with the best script-writing. I’ll be curious to see where they take this and who they will bring in as Elizabeth’s next love interest if Daniel has completely left, but it’s highly unlikely that I would continue to watch the series regularly.

    • Lisa
      Daniel Lissing’s role as Jesse James on “Timeless” aired in January 2017 the episode was called “The Murder of Jesse James” while he was on hiatus and prior to the premiere of season 4 since Jesse dies It wasn’t a reoccurring role.Let’s hope daniel/Jack comes back. .

      • Katherine,
        My bad. I was perusing his IMDB page and it was listed as the most recent project, but I actually meant to discuss his work in The Answers. He has been co-writing and will act in a feature-length film based on his short, The Answers. From what I have read, he is also in the final stages of an album that he has been writing and recording. Previous teasers have suggested that Erin Krakow has recorded at least one song with him, based on their YouTube success.
        I think that, combined with his interviews discussing new projects and auditions, shows that he’s in the process of moving on. It wouldn’t be surprising if he were to return to Hope Valley in a guest role, but I’m more convinced that his days as a recurring lead character on When Calls the Heart are in the past.

  54. I believe Jack will return soon. The writers of WCTH are phenomenal. They know how to pull our heart strings and pull us into the emotions of the characters. His absence shows us how vital he is to the community. Jack has followed the call of duty to fight the good fight. He may return and suffer PSTD or some other trauma, which he’ll overcome with Elizabeth’s love. Perhaps he’ll realize his dream of becoming a farmer after he weds Elizabeth and finds he’ll be a father soon..That’s all speculation of course, maybe a dream. In the books, he leaves and returns. On another note, can you see Rosemary pregnant? How fun that would be to write and see how she and Lee react. Comedic relief for sure. Keep the faith hearties, Jack will be back and we’ll all be crying during that episode!! Until then, I miss seeing Dan Lissing. My favorite show never disappoints. This season is the best!

  55. I would love to “view” Rosemary and Elizabeth pregnant at the same time. Witness how each reacts to pregnancy and childbirth. Of course, Jack/Daniel has to return to play his part. No Jack = No WCTH

  56. I watch the show on and during season 2 and 3, didn’t really like it at first so I stopped. I really fell in love with When Calls the Heart during their December 25, 2016 Christmas show. I ordered season 1-3 to get caught up, and watch them over and over every day and couldn’t wait to order season 4. I recorded season 4. To me Jack/Daniel Lissing and Elizabeth/ Erin Krakow makes the show along with Lori, Jack Wagner and the other actors. All are exceptional and I hope Jack comes back. If he doesn’t I won’t be watching. No one can take Daniel Lissing/ Jack’s place. Honestly the show will not be the same to me without him. This is my favorite show on television at this time. It is a family oriented show that the entire family can watch. It has a few actors of color, and I appreciate that. I sincerely hope they won’t write him off and if wants to leave, that he change his mind. Bring Jack back!!!

  57. I am probably the only one who is watching When calls the Heart from the Netherlands… it is an amazing show. Let us not forget what Hope Valley stands for… Have faith in the writers of the show, this is all done for only one reason… Hope! Jack might not come back this Season, but I am sure he will in Season 5. So instead talking about Jack not coming back I rather speculate about when he is coming back 🙂

  58. I don’t know what the writers have in store for “When Calls the Heart” but I hope that Daniel Lissing’s character “Jack” comes back to the show. It feels like there’s a missing piece to the jigsaw puzzle. One is not content until that missing piece is found.

  59. You are absolutely right Linda. We should always think positive and focus on when, and not if he is coming back. It is hard to find anything worth watching on television these days that the entire family can watch, especially with children. Thanks for keeping us in check, it is much appreciated.

  60. Dearest fellow hearties, personally I think he’s a goner. First,
    remember that most of these series never go past 4 years, ie
    Cedar Cove. So it would make sense that Daniel finished and went on to other contracts especially if he knows this is the last year. Also, note that while his face still appears in the opening credits this week, his name is no longer listed with the others. That with he show runner stating that one chapter closes and a new one begins pretty much seals the deal. I’m done watching.

  61. When Calls the Heart ❤️ is my favorite show on television. If Jack is gone, the show will fold. Jack and Elisabeth have an undeniable chemistry between them, which cannot be replaced with another actor moving in, even if that actor is Paul Greene! Then again, maybe the show has gone as far as it can, and the actors are looking to go in different directions. Can’t blame them for that.

  62. I’m guessing Jack will get extremely injured and there will be a lengthy recoup time, allowing Daniel Lissing to do another project or perhaps he is negotiating his contract. At any rate, I would bet we don’t see ‘Jack’ any time soon and when we do, it may be a new actor.

  63. I saw Danial Lissing on another show: TImeless. He played Jessie James.Since it’s not a reccuring role, I’m hoping he just left for the time he was doing that, and will be back soon.

  64. Hallmark is great family viewing. With “When Calls The Heart”, you have produced a great on-air novel that keeps the attention of your viewers. The cast and series continue to gain viewers and if given the chance can go on for many more seasons. Congrats on a great adventure for your viewers that includes bot Jack and Elizabeth as well as the rest of the cast. Don’t mess it up.

  65. If Jack leaves the show I will not be watching the program’s anymore and I will not watch anymore Hallmark Series this is a very important person in the show bring him back on as soon as possible and don’t make us wait until the next episode

  66. I love, love, love this show. If I could have only one show to watch, it would be WCTH…I can’t believe how caught up in these peoples lives In am. I agree it would be the end of it if Jack didn’t come back. He & Elizabeth are the heart of the show. For this reason I am hopeful of his return and I can’t wait for it.

  67. A wonderful show that the entire family can watch!! Hoping that Daniel Lissing is working on another project and will be back soon.
    Keep up the GREAT heart warming shows and movies Hallmark, as there are so few that the whole family can watch on TV these days. Your cast, scripts and weekly shows and movies are always 5 Star quality THANK YOU HALLMARK!!

  68. I have benn watching the show from the start. It actually started as a movie and neither Erin or Daniel stared in it, but
    I enjoyed it. Although I love them both in the roles of Elizabeth and Jack, and would be thrilled if Jack comes back, I am inclined to think he will not be returning. Jack’s character will be killed off as has happened in many of Janet Oakes movies. Life will hopefully go on in Hope Valley and Elizabeth will find a new love. There aren’t mamy shows worth watching, but WCTH is. Jack will be missed, but to not have the show continue would be worse. I would love to see Daniel Lissing return to the show, but if he has chosen not to, may God bless him in whatever path in life he has decided to take. It may take awhile to adjust but life is full of changes. I would not want to lose the best show on TV, for only 10 weeks, because of one actors decision to leave. I have hope that Hope Valley will survive and grow.
    On a lighter note, Jack going off to fight in his red jacket had me worried the minute he road out of town.

  69. I cant image him not coming back. I probably wont watch the show again, it just wont be the same. Their relationship needs to come full circle, like she said in Corinthians, Love is Patient. Let this be a happy blessed ending, theres already too much sadness in our real world.

  70. Missing Jack ~ he brings hope, family, love, and romance to the show. I respect his devotion to his role as Mountie, but the show will not be the same with him completely gone from the show. Honestly, I can’t wait for their wedding day (drama free hopefully!). Please bring him back ~

  71. I hope Jack comes back to the show. I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t. I will not watch this show anymore if he doesn’t come back. There are too many heartaches in real life and this show
    makes life and me feel good inside. I really hope you keep Jack on the show, I suffered enough heartaches in my 73 years of life.

  72. When Calls the Heart is the sparkling jewel in the Hallmark Crown of shows. We love it & we need it! All of your characters & story lines have drawn us in to connect on many levels with our own journeys in life. I pray you are able to keep the integrity & display of deep character & virtue!!!! One thing, PLEASE do not make us wait months to learn that Daniel Lissing will be coming back!!! We are so invested in Jack & Elizabeth!!! A BIG thank you to ALL who are a part of making this show happen! …. hope you are not tired of hearing… from one of your loyal viewers, Peggy McCarthy😘

  73. I came to the series late, but love it and recommend it to family and friends. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Daniel Lissing in the last few episodes and also worry he may not be back. I hope if they are ending his story line, they give him the proper send off, let Elizabeth say her final goodbyes. Would love to see Jack back in Hope Valley and hope if the fifth is the final season, they wrap it up, as it deserves.

  74. One has to wonder with 4 seasons of this series past, with the character Jack not appearing in the last few episodes of the series, is he out for good, has he chosen other films or TV programs to be in, or have the writers/producers chose to leave all Hearties in suspense until Season 5 returns? I like many others hope that Dan Lissing remains in this top-notch series for he and Erin Krakow are the front-row characters in this extremely popular TV series and the show would fail if this happens.

  75. I’m new to WCTH. I started with Christmas episode and binge watched the 3 prior seasons. Best show on TV because of the faith based theme. Enjoyed watching Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship grow to a proposal of marriage. If Jack (Daniel) doesn’t return, I’m done. The other story lines are a great addition, but that’s exactly what they are….additions. BRING JACK BACK, soon!

  76. The show built their viewers on Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship. Everything else was extras. When you take Jack out of the picture–your story falls apart. So many people were added to the story it became watered down and less interesting. Sorry Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship was not kept the center of the story. That would have ensured the series’ future. Now it is questionable.

  77. If everyone remembers years ago on the weekly TV program “Dallas”. Remember when they killed off Bobby Ewing. It went for a full year and the TV audiance was very upset. Well lo-and-behold Bobby came back. If Jack doesn’t come back to the program I think everyone should boycott the program like they did with “Dallas”. I getting sick and tired of programs coming on and things change or they go off the ail completely without a proper ending. I’m old school, I want an ending like the programs from years ago like: MASH or THE FUGITIVE. If your listening Producers and Directors, get your act together.

  78. I read with fascination all of the comments here. I too have watched this series from the beginning. I worried at first that Hallmark did not bring back Maggie Grace as Elizabeth. Maggie Grace is a wonderful actor. But Erin Krakow was the perfect replacement. I have been in love with her since I first saw her in “Chance at Romance” in 2013. But then I saw Daniel Lissing for the first time. I am a firefighter and many of my friends are in law enforcement. Daniel Lissing actually carried himself as a real police officer does. He does not slouch in the saddle, have long hair, or a half grown beard, and wear sloppy clothes like most or the cops on other networks. I was very please with the image he portrayed. When I say I too will leave Hallmark if he does not return, soon, I can prove I am not kidding. As evidence, I started watching my first Disney Channel show about the same time “When Calls the Heart began”. I also encouraged my grandchildren to watch the show, “Girl Meets World”. It addressed real teen and pre-teen problems with both sophistication and humor. Disney does nothing else this well. However, they cancelled it after season 3, they said because it did not meet their plans. I don’t know what their plans are, but I and my family no longer watch Disney. I do not watch the other scripted dramas on Hallmark so would not be missing much if they ruin the show and it dies.

  79. I and my 2 girls (ages 15 & 26) have loved watching WCTH. But have to admit that after Daniel’s character Jack left, the storylines became very weak and my girls quit watching. We also missed having some other strong romantic/daring couples in the show to rivet you to watch besides Elizabeth and Jack. Because when one of them aren’t in, it’s really boring. The first 3 seasons were really great.

  80. Hearties, Jack will be back. I have already told him through twitter that Hallmark will pay him millions to come back. He’ll be back. Everyone encourage Hall mark to pay him so much he cannot refuse. Daniel will not let us down. He’s such a great guy! We got to see this to the end.
    Brian Bird do not tell us to wait and see. Let us know NOW!

  81. This is my first post to this site. I’ve read all the comments and over came by sadness. The only uplifting comment is from Wendy Fox. Actors have to deal with contracts. The producers cannot force an actor to stay on a show. Actor main concern is work and making a living. Lissing posted his pic and his real girl friend’s. Was that posting a bit disheartening to the followers of Krakow? I myself will continue to watch this show to support Krakow (the actress/actor).

  82. The heart powers are just shaking up the end of the season. The story line was getting somewhat predictable. So lets throw Paul Green into the mix. After his over exposure on Saturday Romance
    we know his very presence equals “save the day” love with a wedding cake, flowers and a woman longing to be loved by “Mr. Right.” So picture this hearties he steps into Mounty Jack’s town, friends and woman and heads fir the altar, But at the last moment when the Preacher asks the Question (oh you know what it is) does anyone object – guess who returns at that glorious moment? Wait and see.

  83. I am hoping that Daniel Lissing will return to When Calls the Heart. This has been such great programing and we HEARTIES deserve better. We have waited all these years for their engagement and now we want to see the wedding with Erin and Daniel. Hallmark don’t mess with the HEARTIES!!!!!
    Do whatever it takes to get Dan, Erin, and Lorie to stay with the program.

  84. If they have written Jack out…appears that way as no longer in the credits, it will have one more season, then end. Can’t have one main character sad and the other dead…that sort of show is not a watcher.

  85. I am a new fan for WCTH. There is a something which really bothered with me. Is Jack leaving the show? I hope not. I hope the show will continue from a love story going to a story talking about the marriage, talking about how they keep their marriage evergreen, like Lori Loughlin has done perfectly in her real life . Love is easy, marriage is not. That is an important storyline, which will be very meaningful for today’s society.

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