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Tamar Meltdown, French Fries War Part II On ‘Braxton Family Values’ (Video Preview)

UPDATED with recap posted below and  link to suggestion about how to end the feud!

Next up on “Braxton Family Values” is a continuation of the French Fries War of 2017. If you recall from last week, Trina had a taste-test of some new menu items for Bar Chix and mistakenly invited her sisters. We say that because she experienced their lack of tact, so to speak, last season when the place was about to open. It’s all about the lack of fried chicken and french fries, but she took a dive in that pool a second time.

It ended in a major altercation featuring Tamar and Trina. Trina got defensive with the tone and the words used by her sister and lashed out, in what Tamar decided was the “Mother of All Insults”, the title of tonight’s episode. “Go home and take care of your child,” was that insult, which Tamar received as her being a bad mother. It went further, ending with the meltdown outside Trina’s place in Atlanta. Catch the sneak peek below the jump.

“Braxton Family Values” never lets something like that rest, so there is a continuation at Toni’s place in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Trina didn’t let the critique of her menu dissuade her from moving ahead with a business plan. Instead of a new permanent location of Bar Chix, she’s decided to join the very popular pop-up restaurant movement.

In the video clip posted below, which btw, was deleted from the episode, Trina demonstrates to her sister Towanda why the city of Suwanee, Georgia is her preferred location. Towanda’s still pressing for downtown Atlanta, particularly with the menu items. Check it out and hold on to anything loose in the house, because the foundation is about to shake tonight!


Okay it’s time to make a choice. Whose side do you take in the Trina vs. Tamar argument? Traci and Towanda are sort of neutral, trying to talk sense into both of them, but only Trina accepted their suggestions. She apologized to Tamar during a hastily called sisters’ meeting that Towanda arranged. She was sincere and said it twice.

Trina realized that she lashed out, suggesting that Tamar has no idea what it’s like to raise a child without help. Tamar didn’t accept the apology, even by saying “thank you”. That got Trina’s back up again. As Traci pointed out, Tamar’s egocentric, making it all about her.

Towanda begged for her sisters to put their stuff aside and concentrate on what she’s going through in a custody battle. What was Tamar’s response? Telling Towanda that she’s not saying divorce is easy, after all she went through one BUT, her sadness at what she’d lived through recently didn’t allow her to stop focusing on herself.

She demanded to know the connection, if any between the taste-test and parenting skills. How did it jump subjects?

That was the thing that was lacking. Neither Towanda nor Traci walked it all back to explain that tasting led to criticism that wasn’t just “I don’t like the chicken”, to insulting Trina’s business choices. Those would be her menu and the theme for Bar Chix. French fries don’t fit in her concept. Remember last season when Trina tried to prove she wasn’t incompetent and had a good head on her shoulders? Bar Chix is her crowning achievement and it’s successful.

A girl can get prickly about her sister (Tamar) getting all haughty about paying customers, how much money she’s dropped at Bar Chix and demanding, like a customer, to be satisfied. How? By getting chicken wings that don’t vary in taste from the typical ones she orders. Trina tried to offer a different flavor, something sweet and savory at the same time.

The way Tamar made fun of them, making sounds like a child who wants to spit out something she doesn’t care for, got Trina ramped up. When Tamar asked for salt and lectured her sister on how to make good wings it just exploded the situation.That led to this week’s continuation of the bickering and a revelation by Tamar. Unbeknownst to anyone she and Vince lost a baby girl, as they make it through the IVF cycles.

Tamar’s period of “losing” as she said, has affected her to such an extent that the insult from Trina blew up everything. She’s still mourning the losses in her career, both on “The Real” and her solo singing efforts after her emergency hospitalization. The recuperative period pushed everything back; then Vince had his time of illness and Mommy Evelyn had her stroke and so forth.

The fight was sent west to Los Angeles when Towanda’s sister-meeting failed to bridge the gap. Toni hosted a sit-down and listened to her sisters continue the BS. Again, without context, Trina looked petty. Tamar was allowed to go on and on about Trina’s stubbornness and refusal to take suggestions. “Don’t ask for our opinion if you don’t want to hear it,” was her theme.

But, here’s the thing, it wasn’t spoken kindly, or even in a way that would allow Trina to explain it all. Perhaps these girls need to roll back the film to really take a look at how things evolve. Towanda and Traci didn’t put on a show for Toni, by imitating Tamar’s facial expressions, her words, her tone and her lack of respect for her sister.

Where does it leave everything? Tamar went home to be with Vince and Logan and we got more of an explanation about their pregnancy woes. Trina took Evelyn out to explain the pop-up concept and was still grappling with the Atlanta vs. Suwanee location. To be continued….

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursdays on WE tv beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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