Max in "Homeland" season 6 episode 11, "R is for Romeo"

‘Homeland’, In ‘R is for Romeo’ Quinn Connects the Dots, Max Meets Dar (VID

Updated: Sneak peek season 6 finale. Does Quinn sacrifice himself? 

“Homeland” has us salivating for the season six finale. In “R is for Romeo”, the two stories of the season intersect, and that isn’t good for all concerned. When we left the characters, Max was about to meet a very, very bad man, Carrie met up with Quinn and his rifle and President-Elect Keane was ready to blow her cool at a press conference.

Max got caught taking a video at the sock puppet farm, a/k/a the thousand-person fake news mill. With Dar Adal on the premises, Max was able to send a video of him and O’Keefe to Carrie, but she wasn’t home to get it. In the video preview clip posted below, Max meets Dar and realizes that he’s obsessed with Carrie, while learning that his own personal safety is of no concern to the CIA bad guy.

While Max is dealing with a thumb to his throat, “Homeland” moves us over to Quinn’s hideout in a place across the street from a safe house. There he spied the bomber and killer of Astrid mingling with his former black ops crew. They were all Dar’s puppets, but Quinn had to leave the group after his cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. The man in the ski cap was a new addition.

Carrie found it difficult to believe that Quinn was out of Bellevue and no longer in law enforcement custody. Before hearing what he had to say, she had to ask about that. Quinn’s focused with no time for the whole explanation. He wanted to tell Carrie how he made all the connections, and go a bit further. What’s the “R” stand for?

Saul took Mira’s advice and stuck around rather than flee and when he got into Carrie’s empty home he heard the message notification on her computer. When he opened it he saw the video Max sent. That was all he needed to inform President-Elect Keane that Dar was not just at the heart of the false story about Iran, he and O’Keefe manufactured the false story about her son.

The roof’s about to blow so hold on to your hats for this week’s “Homeland”.


So, the roof did blow at the black ops crew’s house, injuring and/or killing the FBI team and possibly President-Elect Keane’s nominee for Solicitor General of the U.S. Carrie and Quinn survived, but just barely and they’ve put the pieces together about where the crew has headed and what they’re about to do.

Earlier in the episode, we got the scene of Quinn confronting Carrie about her decision to wake him from his coma, rendering him a shell of his former self. His anguish was new, since Peter Quinn has kept a tight lid on his emotions in the past. Even worse than the decision was her failure to tell him, leaving him to learn from someone else.

Carrie got defensive at first, explaining how many lives were at stake, only later asking for forgiveness. As expected, Quinn would have done the same thing, but his point was her cold-blooded devotion to the work. “It’s always about the mission”, he shouted at her, as he let loose about his diminished capacity. He intimated that the love she professes to have for him takes a back seat when it’s convenient.

If that weren’t bad enough, Quinn sent chills down Carrie’s spine with the words, “You’ve got to let me go now,” which could have more than one meaning.

At that moment, the morning after she arrived and learned about the van across the street, she wanted to prevent Quinn from killing anyone involved. He told her in no uncertain terms that she was there to report the truck’s existence and the ties to Sekou Bah, while his job was to kill the man who planted the bomb. She tried to block his way at the door; that’s when Quinn told her to let him go, only to return and save her life in the house across the street.

As noted earlier in the season, those two have a knack for saving each other’s lives periodically, and always at great cost to themselves. As Carrie found the van and began snooping in the rest of the house Dar’s guy who killed Astrid surprised her. They struggled and she almost broke free, but was caught from behind. She was getting strangled as Quinn burst in to shoot the man, then take a metal object and crush the guy’s skull with at least ten blows.

Carrie’s horror at the viciousness of the killing brought Quinn’s explanation and his depressed sense of himself. He told her about Astrid, his mistrust and the fact that he feels responsible for her death. When Carrie tried to absolve him, he returned to his refrain from earlier seasons, that he’s no one if he’s not carrying out kill orders. Carrie had already called the FBI and the Solicitor General designee, and as she always does, protected Quinn from getting thrown in jail again. She negotiated an immunity deal for him, which isn’t in writing yet. Now it looks like it will never be.

The two went back to work they enjoy and know well, as the feds investigated the scene. Seeing letters and writing on the white board, Quinn opined that the letters were code in his world for where an attack was coming. R for Romeo meant east coast, NYC areas. Where was the President-Elect? In NYC. Then boom went the dynamite as one of the feds opened the garage door at the house.

Carrie had attempted to get Keane’s chief-of-staff on the phone but the call ended with the blast. He was already dealing with an emergency when protestors burst through the barricades and went to attack Keane’s limo. She, with Saul was returning from her appearance on O’Keefe’s show as the two went toe-to-toe over his edited video shaming her son.

Saul had informed Keane about Dar helping O’Keefe, and the fake news mill that was more critical than her inexperienced staff could imagine. Likening the O’Keefe-Dar operation to CIA efforts to destabilize, successfully, regimes in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, Keane was advised to fight back like her life and presidency depended on it. Saul was now her trusted adviser, a man who defended the agency, by saying that Dar was a bad actor, not representative of the intelligence community as a whole.

Speaking of Dar, he held Max overnight at O’Keefe’s and didn’t kill him. Not only didn’t he end the man’s life, who by the way, wouldn’t break on knowing anything about Dar and what he was doing at the sock puppet farm, he asked for Max’s assistance. His buddy O’Keefe was ready to launch a campaign of fake news about Quinn, making him the prime suspect in what we are to presume, is an assassination attempt on the president-elect.

Dar’s getting like a Darth Vader character, whose evil deeds hide a soft core for family. Except in this case, it’s not blood relations, it’s Quinn.

Where does this leave us? Carrie and Quinn will survey the damage at the house, then jump into the fray of protecting Keane. In scenes of next week’s season finale, it looks like they might be too late.

Homeland” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. Video/image credit: Showtime, used with permission 

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