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Suggestion For Ending Tamar v. Trina War on ‘Braxton Family Values’

Fans of “Braxton Family Values” know that there has been more than the usual friction between sisters Tamar and Trina Braxton. In the most recent episode we got round 2 of their war of words. No one has been able to get through the emotion and misunderstanding to have the sisters call a truce. Here’s the recap of the show!

Why is that exactly? We’ve seen Towanda and Toni make attempts, but neither succeeded. Let’s get to the point, shall we? Trina has a reasonable complaint about how her sister criticizes the Bar Chix business and its menu. Once again we got the over-the-top Tamar during the taste test, which led to Trina losing her mind.

They went from talking about french fries and chicken to arguing about who has the most negative energy in the room. That was topped off with Trina’s nasty crack about Logan’s upbringing. Deep down she has yet to get past Tamar monopolizing Evelyn for childcare, even though the trip across the country has become more difficult post-stroke. There’s definitely jealousy there.

Trina admitted her stubbornness and her habit of recoiling from business suggestions that differ from her own. She apologized twice to Tamar, but got shut down when the youngest sister revealed her IVF treatment and miscarriage. What’s got to be done to fix this?

Here’s a suggestion and we encourage you to make your own in the comments section. How about teaching Tamar how to offer criticism in a constructive way? Traci couldn’t find the right words, so perhaps they should look at the segment of the show as it was edited, While watching, stop the recording along the way. Point out to Tamar ,that giving an opinion by ridiculing her sister and trying to demonstrate that she doesn’t know her customer base isn’t the way to go.

While they’re at it, how about informing Tamar that there are more ways to cook chicken wings than what she likes. Bar Chix offers a more upscale menu, with food that is aimed at expanding a customer’s taste buds, and that costs a bit more. There’s always Buffalo Wild Wings for traditional chicken wings. Thoughts?

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursday nights on WE tv. Photo, courtesy of WE tv, used with permission¬†

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