‘Braxton Family Values’ Preview: Tamar Shocker, Plus Scoop on Toni and Birdman (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” continues tonight on WE tv with the episode “Bird on the Brain”, and you know who that’s about, right? Tamar is out of her mind trying to get Toni to spill even a drop of tea about her and Birdman. How do we know this is for real? He meets Daddy Braxton, that’s how!

The sisters continue to try to heal the wounds caused Trina and Tamar’s big fat argument. There’s more to come about Tamar and Vince’s IVF attempts. Tamar finally comes clean with her parents about the miscarriage and Evelyn couldn’t be more upset. In a clip from last week’s show, Tamar her emotional roller coaster and the physical strength required to go through the procedures.

There is more than one sceneson this week’s “Braxton Family Values” of the sisters hashing out their difficulties with each other. In another big surprise, Trina reveals a secret she’s kept from her family. Check out the sneak peek below and notice that the dialogue ends in the word handcuffs.

The network teased a family reunion that includes the current Mrs. Braxton, a/k/a the woman who took Daddy from Evelyn. Tonight, Tamar admits she’s willing to do a complete family healing that includes Daddy’s wife. What could be better for us, right?

“Braxton Family Values” season six airs Thursday nights on WE tv, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬†Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission¬†

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