Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, "Homeland" Season 6

‘Homeland’ Season 6 Finale: Will Carrie Finally Let Quinn Go? (Sneak Peek)

The season 6 finale of “Homeland” is upon us and in “America First” all major players are consumed in what, if anything, will happen to President-Elect Keane. Those that want her out of the picture might have their shot, literally and figuratively.

In the sneak peek clip posted below, we watch the master of his craft, Peter Quinn size up the situation outside Keane’s NYC location. He arrived with Carrie after the bomb blast at the house where the black ops team had been staying. You can see him adding up the number of snipers, and boots on the ground, holding back the mobs chanting “Not my president”.

“Homeland” has reached the point when we have the right to demand a payoff from the season’s Dar Adal treachery. He wants Keane gone, and in conjunction with O’Keefe stirred up the crowd’s passion with the doctored video of her deceased son. He couldn’t turn Keane’s opinion of his pet covert projects after peddling the fake story of Iran breaching the nuclear agreement. The payoff might be an assassination and we met the team that might do the deed.

The only monkey wrench in the plan for Dar, is that his buddy O’Keefe has filled social media with information about Peter, setting him up to be the fall guy if Keane is attacked. That’s not what he wanted, of course, but the question is whether or not he can keep it from happening. While we weren’t told how he framed Carrie for getting Sekou Bah released early this season, with how the story progressed, it’s difficult to think it was someone other than Dar, right?

Quinn has survived hospitalization, seizures, random beatings and even a gunshot wound. He’s lived through the death of Astrid and his despair over his mental and physical limitations. The question is whether or not he wants to go on. We’ve heard him say to Carrie, both early in the season and last week,”You’ve got to let me go”. Does he have a different gear that isn’t in despair about what he lost after Carrie woke him from his coma?

While we sit in amazement at Quinn’s ability to gather himself for the tasks at hand, despite diminished capacity both in mind and body, he compares himself to the specimen he used to be. That will never be a pretty picture in his own mind’s eye. Carrie was told by one of Quinn’s nurses in the season opener, that she should listen to her dear friend. He asked for space and to be allowed to grieve what he lost, balking at being saved again by Carrie.

Here’s thinking she’ll never be in that place to let go. The question is if Peter, when the time comes, will consciously make that decision. Perhaps Carrie can only save one person tonight; if that’s true will it be Keane or Quinn? In the sneak peek trailer of the finale posted below, you can see that Carrie is already smelling something fishy.

Homeland season 6 finale airs Sunday night April 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. Image/video credit: Showtime, used with permissionĀ 

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