Daniel Lissing with Oscar on "When Calls The Heart" Season 4 on Hallmark Channel

‘When Calls the Heart’: Is Jack’s Voice In His Letter To Elizabeth A Sign He’ll Return?

Updated: Recap season finale. Redemption, healing but Jack???

“When Calls the Heart” Season 4 brought the unthinkable to Hope Valley and #Hearties everywhere: a town without Mountie Jack Thornton. He left to fight in the Northern Territories after being asked to join fellow Mounties, immediately on the heels of young Doug’s death. Duty or his lady love?

Jack tried to have both, as he finally bent down on one knee in the middle of a candle lit, evening setting to propose to Elizabeth Thatcher, the love of his life. What should have been a celebration party was dampened by the realization that Jack was leaving the next day, Elizabeth stood strong until the final moment he galloped away from town. The tears flowed and a promise to return was received.

Then we all waited one episode, two episodes for a sign that Jack, played by actor Daniel Lissing would make good on his promise. Not until the final minutes of last Sunday’s show “Courageous Hearts”, did a letter arrive from Jack. That was after Elizabeth received news that two Mounties died, which gave her reason to panic. Thank goodness for Abigail, who never wavered in her belief that Jack would come out of it unscathed and ready to resume life with Elizabeth in Hope Valley.

That doesn’t mean fans of “When Calls the Heart” have stopped fretting over it. If you check the comments section in our coverage of the show (here and here), you can see that there is much speculation about Daniel Lissing leaving for any number of reasons. Is he busy with other work? Has there been a contract dispute? Did Hallmark Channel just decide to write him out of the series? What are our clues from the show itself?

We are proposing that the use of Lissing’s voice in Jack’s letter to Elizabeth is a good sign. Just as an aside, did you catch the beautiful penmanship? Yeah, the good old days! If Jack’s character was to be written out, it wouldn’t have been difficult to have Elizabeth read the letter aloud. It was the second episode without a sighting or sound from Jack Thornton. It made hearing him exciting and hopeful. But, what do all you #Hearties think? Let us know in the comments section below.

“When Calls the Heart” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. Image credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

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18 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’: Is Jack’s Voice In His Letter To Elizabeth A Sign He’ll Return?

  1. we have become very involved with this couple . It would be very disheartening if you remove jack, He is irreplaceable. I will be so disgusted if Daniel Lissing leaves , I will be tempted not to watch the program. It will be just another House on the Prarie.

  2. Please keep Jack in the show, played by Daniel Lissing. It will break my heart if you write him out & I would be quite tempted to quit watching. It is one of my fav shows & I would miss it, but not as much as I would miss Jack!

  3. I just found this show and I “heart” it with all my heart. We don’t know if/when Jack is coming back and we don’t know if we’ll get a season 5. My two cents? I would rather have a happy ending for Jack and Elizabeth and no more seasons than a fifth season without a happy ending.

  4. What a disappointment! I am so irritated that I sat through When Calls the Heart, waiting for Jack’s return, only to see Cody celebrate his Birthday with a party. For me, the show is over if Daniel Lissing is written out. He and Elizabeth make the show.

    • I’m with Fran, I found this show two seasons ago on Netflix and have watched it faithfully since and purchased apisodes from Amazon Prime – It was such a wonderful show and the chemistry between Jack and Elizabeth made the show. I’ve noticed over time that the writers are trying to build stories around the other characters and it just doesn’t work for me. It feels more like a daytime soap opera which I despise – rather than a beautiful love story. I didn’t like it when they tried to make conflict with other potential suiter’s either (like soap operas). For a season fanalie the last show was so disappointing. I fear Jack is not coming back….

  5. Love the show, but the episodes without Jack felt very empty to me. Dan’s brillant, authentic portrayal of Jack anchors the show in the time period that it’s set. All the new characters and senseless plot lines among them have baffled me greatly. Jack and Elizabeth’s love story is far and above anything I’ve ever seen and there are countless stories of them yet to be told, but the writers/producers are letting it fall by the wayside. I just hope they can pull it back together. I don’t think I can watch S5 without Dan. It would break my heart to see Elizabeth with someone else. Maybe Dan just needed time off for personal reasons and will be back ready to go for S5

  6. I agree with most of the fans. S5 will not be seen by too many people if Jack is not back in the show.
    The show is not the same without Daniel Lissing.

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