Bishop T.D. Jakes on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’: Will Bishop Jakes Blow Up Sisters’ Relationship on His Show? (Sneak Peek)

“Toni don’t ever remember her notes when she sings with the group,” says Tamar Braxton on the next “Braxton Family Values”. “That’s why she’s Toni Braxton living legend – by herself.” What the heck is that about? You’re going to find out Thursday April 13 at 9 p.m. on WE tv. Check out the video preview clip posted below and see for yourself.

The discussion occurred in the green room at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ TV show. You can see the tension and nerves. In last week’s episode, Tamar suggested they return there to heal the division among them. It didn’t go over well, because during their last appearance, Jakes exposed their prideful ways and lack of thankfulness for all they have.

Somehow Tamar got the sisters plus Mom and Daddy Braxton to agree and in tonight’s episode of “Braxton Family Values”, they get ready to face the music, in more ways than one. The bishop usually asks that they sing, forcing them to remember their Christian music roots.

This season we’ve seen more clashes than usual among the sisters, and of course, Tamar’s at the center of it all. More correctly, it’s Tamar vs. Trina and Tamar vs. Traci. They swear they put their arguments to bed and are ready to move on, but the truth is that they are further apart than ever before.

Secrets are being kept, and only shared when necessary or by mistake. That’s what Trina was talking about when she said that the ladies don’t communicate as much as they used to. Tamar held her miscarriage secret very close to the vest, and it only emerged during that nasty argument at Trina’s home when a discussion about chicken and french fries turned ugly.

Toni only admits the minimum she must about her relationship with Birdman. Traci held back the news about her new album from Tamar. What else is going on that no one has revealed yet? Who knows, but Bishop Jakes won’t let them get away with being evasive. Maybe that’s what they fear about being on the show.

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursday nights on WE tv, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission¬†

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