Emily Wears, auctioneer on season 10 "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’ New Season and New Auctioneer, Who Is Emily Wears?

Updated: Kenny, Barry’s old pal is season 10’s breakout star

“Storage Wars” Season 10 kicked off in Orange County, CA. In “Stakes, Buys and Video Games”, there was plenty of money to be made. “These are the lockers we dream of”, said Darrell Sheets, quoting another member of the show’s regular cast, Rene Nezhoda. Yes, they’re baaaack, but not all of them – at least in the season premiere.

Rene and Darrell were joined by Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin and new auctioneer Emily Wears. There was no reasons given for the absence of the Dotsons. We are in the process of reaching out to their representative and will report anything we learn. Ms. Wears realizes she is unique in the auction world. She’s young, female and as she says, “When I say it’s sold…it’s sold!”

She demonstrated that quickly, and Rene Nezhoda felt the difference. There’s no counting down to a final “Sold!”, with a “Going once..going twice…” before a buyer is pointed at. Rene lost out on a locker because of it, but frankly, he wasn’t upset by it at all. Wears has the business in her blood. She’s the daughter of an auctioneer and went to school at 17 to get the formal training.

This isn’t her first rodeo, so to speak, in the reality TV business. Her bio includes info on an Animal Planet show from 2013 called “Money Barn”, but it’s her other TV experience that makes her a familiar face to some. The lady can sing. As she says, “Most recently I had the opportunity to audition for the final season of American Idol. I made it to the celebrity round and was featured on an episode of the show.” A link to Wears website is posted below.

Mary’s doing business with an online store now, and Darrell dumped his warehouse as well as that huge belly hanging off his belt, only dabbling in storage lockers. Ivy and Rene are still doing it the same way, but Ivy’s added a trailer to his truck, just in case he decides to “buy big” as he said.  did he have one heck of a time in the season premiere.

What about Brandi and Jarrod? There’s plenty new and it’s covered in this update, here.

The score at the end of the show was MASSIVE, for Rene and Darrell. Buying a locker for $600, he found items valued at over $13,000, including designer sunglasses and “padoras”, a/k/a fedoras! Same old Darrell.  But Rene made out best, scoring what might be the biggest profit in years on “Storage Wars”.

He bought the most expensive locker of the night for $1,500 and uncovered more than $42,000 worth of merchandise. He was giddy, particularly since most of the products were in the video game and toy category. Mary left empty-handed and Ivy made a few bucks, but nothing compared to Darrell and Rene. Is there new jewelry in the future for Casey Nezhoda after her old man hit the jackpot?

Storage Wars season 10 airs on A&E, Wednesdays beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E, used with permission  Check out more about Emily Wears on her website, emilywears.com

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