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‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: Bloody Hog’s Head Sends AIMS Team To Dark Forest

Update: RECAP “Dark Forest”. Is Jeff possessed, sabotaging team or pissed at Buck?

“Mountain Monsters” season 5 concluded its two-part premiere “The Rogue Team Rises” with blood everywhere. A fractured AIMS team got back together with new purpose and squabbles behind them. The Dark Forest is the next destination and the Woman of the Woods is on the agenda.

Should they capture her for the Rogue Team, they’ll get in return, the identity of people who killed the Stonish Giant and the location of its body. Is Trapper going to be with them? After his capture and injury that set off his bleed out, he had to admit that traipsing through woods, in his condition and his age isn’t advisable.

But, after Trapper’s vow to oust Buck for going rogue to find the poachers, that had to be put to bed first before anything else. While he had company in thinking that the youngest team member was disrespecting the team concept, everyone else fell in line. They witnessed Buck’s progress and agreed that Trapper’s slow methods were not productive.

Huckleberry was tasked with finding Buck, did so and helped him discover the truck used by poachers to disrupt their operation of nine-months prior. That led them to learn the location of the poachers, and by that time everyone else but Trapper agreed to participate.

After surprising the poachers and getting all chesty with them they learned they were merely hired hands without any knowledge of who retained their services. But, the group didn’t have to wait long to come face-to-face with the Rogue Team. To be more precise, they came face-to-mask, since the group who scooped Buck and Huck up, with hands tied and hoods over their heads covered their faces.

Here’s a question for you: is the presence of a camera operator really enough to make Huck and Buck feel like they weren’t going to be harmed, or worse? Guess so, since they lived through the experience. The disembodied voice, talking through that skeleton mask apparition was beyond creepy, but nothing compared to what they found when Buck put the chair through the glass in that cabin.

Yes, the severed hog’s head with bloody dripping from eyes, nostrils and ears was gruesome, but had a purpose. It held clues in its mouth, with a “x” to mark the spot of where to look. There was a rifle casing that had to be yanked out of the back of its throat. It contained the second half of the coordinates of where to find the Lady of the Woods. The first half was in Trapper’s possession as he lay bleeding in some old building after being dragged out of his truck.

Almost losing Trapper and the team’s fear about his safety helped melt away any hard feelings, and Trapper was grateful they kept going until they found him. Next week, the place they said they’d never go again, to find the Woman in the Woods that scared the heck out of them, is where they’ll be.

Questions to ponder:

  • Just because the skeleton head made a “deal”, as Buck said, to hand over the body of the Stonish Giant, can they be trusted?
  • Even if AIMS team learns the identity of the killers, what makes them think they’ll be easy to track down or make them stop their activities?
  • Has anything been so gruesome as that hog’s head in the earlier seasons of “Mountain Monsters”?
  • Leave us your thoughts on the whole operation in last night’s episode and what you think the team faces going forward.

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT ¬†Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission¬†

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