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‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Jack’s Alive, But Still Gone, Thoughts?

Updated: Best kept secret on TV. Clues about finale on Daniel Lissing social media?

“When Calls the Heart” aired the penultimate episode of season 4, and even in sneak peek scenes of the finale, gave us nothing to make us believe we will see Mountie Jack Thornton again. In “Heart of a Secret”, Elizabeth sent him a love note through a young Constable who passed through town, content that he was alive.

The mail service isn’t the quickest around the outpost in the Northern Territories, but shouldn’t that work both ways? As Elizabeth said, she’s sent multiple letters and only received only one in return. Does that mean she’ll have a pile of them delivered at once, or are we to assume that Jack Thornton has no time to jot a note to his lady-love on more than one occasion? While Jack speaks of her to his mates at the front, he’s awfully stingy with using pen and paper.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth commissioned Rosemary to design her wedding dress, and she’s getting into Mommy Mode. Her days of caring for Opal, then hosting a big sleep over with other girls from school has her in a different mood. Now all she needs is to get her man back.

Instead of Jack’s story much was made about Carson Shepherd’s true identity. “When Calls the Heart” presented us with a dilemma related to the despair and grief that comes with a tragic death. Shepherd is really Dr. Shepherd, and his wife died as he operated on her. He chose to take the chance that she could be saved when fellow physicians said there was no hope. His grief was surely magnified by a feeling of hopelessness when the only thing he was able to try, failed.

His sister-in-law chased Shepherd from each place he’s been since the death, calling him a killer and threatening legal action. There is no cause to believe he was negligent, but it doesn’t stop her rage, anger and threats. Carson Shepherd, to his credit, doesn’t berate her, but he keeps moving on.

Abigail was stunned when he quit, thanking her for all she did. Faith would love to have a doctor in town to help her at the infirmary, as would everyone in Hope Valley. At least he could have given Abigail some notice before he took off his apron in the middle of a shift. While he felt the change in Abigail’s tone towards him after she learned about his past, it seems irresponsible to make a run for it. The cafe is back to its busy days and evenings thanks to the closing of the railroad commissary. Next week, his skills will come in handy as Cody falls seriously ill.

We’re left with many questions about this season and the finale coming this Sunday.

  • Where was A.J. Foster, and why didn’t we see more smooching with Bill Avery? Gowen’s in the town jail, Wyatt’s in custody elsewhere, but where did they stash A.J. as a material witness?
  • Will Shane and Faith make it official?
  • Is there hope for Frank and Abigail, or will the threat to Cody’s life cause another pause in that relationship?
  • Can Hope Valley convince Dr. Shepherd to take up permanent residence in town?

What are your biggest concerns for the season finale and what would you like to see happen?

“When Calls the Heart” airs on Hallmark Channel, Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

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11 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Jack’s Alive, But Still Gone, Thoughts?

  1. Would love to see jack return to Elizabeth either at the school or his land! Just reassurance that our beloved couple will be together

    • His Land !so they could be alone without people watching like it was when he left. That is hard to show your emotions with people looking at you.

  2. Great program but having Jack leave feel like there are no programs on T.V. That can have a great story line. Tired of always watching programs with bad endings of a good thing.

  3. I was disappointed that Jack left for so long especially with no communication between he and Elizabeth. I am enjoying the other character’s story lines. They are the two main characters that I really wanted to see get together then when they do he up and leaves. Definitely want to see a 5th season.

  4. Please Jack there. Bring him back. Have a wedding. A baby. Hey little house on the praire was a wonderful wholesome show. We ate tired of trash filling our families minds. Please continue. ❤

  5. Would love to see a Wedding before the end of this season. And bring on season 5. I have a hard time waiting on Sunday nights just to see what is going to happen next. I have always loved Jeanette Oke’s books and the movies that came from the books.

  6. Jack and Elizabeth’s love story cannot be over. I waited too long for him to propose, so, Daniel, please come back. I don’t think I could continue watching without you.

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