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‘When Calls the Heart’: Anything in Daniel Lissing’s Social Media To Indicate Jack Will Return?

Updated: Recap of season finale. Redemption, healing but Jack???

“When Calls the Heart” season four comes to an end Sunday night April 23 on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m., and there are two questions on the minds of all #Hearties. Will we learn Jack Thornton’s fate and will he return to Elizabeth in Hope Valley? The network has played this very close to the vest. They must have sworn an oath of secrecy.

If you look at the summary of the “When Calls the Heart” season finale it’s all about Abigail, Cody and Carson Shepherd. The state of Abigail’s guardianship for Cody and his sister Becky is addressed, and then there’s the life of death decision about Cody’s health. The local doctor summoned to town claims it isn’t appendicitis, but Carson disagrees. Abigail must decide who to believe.

Since there are no hints at all, TVRuckus thought we’d hit up the latest posts on actor Daniel Lissing’s social media accounts. Lissing has not been seen for three episodes, as Jack, but we did hear his voice. When a letter finally arrived from him, we heard him speaking the words as Elizabeth read them. Other than that…there’s been radio silence.  Links to social media accounts posted below.

Facebook: The last post, as of this writing was made on April 9, 2017 and it’s a stunning photo looking out over the horizon on a Sydney, Australia beach. If you scroll further down there are photos of Lissing with “mates” at a wedding.

Twitter: At least he’s consistent, because Daniel Lissing’s last tweet is also on April 9 and it is of the same photo as he posted on Facebook. Further down there are retweets about the wonderful episode of WCTH, in which Jack says goodbye to Elizabeth. Nothing much there.

Instagram: No help on this account either. There must have been blood oath sworn with Hallmark Channel.

So #Hearties, what’s your take on all this?

When Calls the Heart” airs the season four finale, Sunday night on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET   Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

Daniel Lissing FB page, Twitter account, Instagram account

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4 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’: Anything in Daniel Lissing’s Social Media To Indicate Jack Will Return?

  1. I was very disappointed in the season finale and most of the season, as Jack was missing. If Daniel doesn’t return it won’t be the same.

  2. I was very disappointed in the season finale also as Jack was missing. He could have “rode in” and arrived at Cody’s birthday party. Enough of Abigail and her adopting Cody who has a living biological maternal aunt, and, Becky, who in season 2-3 was accepted into Engineering school. I guess Hallmark has an Engineering College located above the Saloon or behind Abigail’s Cafe. If Jack does not return to “finally” marry Elizabeth, Hallmark need not bother to renew WCTH for season 5. I predict that the first episode of season 5 that does not include Daniel Lissing would lead to viewer absence and therefore a Hallmark mega mega money loser. I would hate to witness the aging Paul Greene try to substitute for the popular actor Daniel Lissing.

  3. If Jack(Daniel) doesn’t return early in season5, I’M DONE. I’m watching early episodes and fast forwarding to see only Jack! He is the show! The others just add to the story line.

  4. I have every confidence that Daniel will return, he better, otherwise the series will lose a lot of it’s audience, including myself. It will be very disheartening to either replace him or write him off, especially since he and Elizabeth just got engaged. Although the rest of the cast is just as amazing as Daniel and Erin, they are the main reason I was so drawn to this series in the first place. I’m so smitten by Daniel that I’m watching the show again and again just to get a look at him. He’s gorgeous. So, Hallmark Channel, you be very careful about the fate of Jack Thornton.

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