Contestant Afnan in "Tag Team" episode, season 5 "MasterChef: Junior" on Fox

EXCLUSIVE ‘MasterChef Junior’: Tag Team Sushi Challenge Goes Bad, Very Bad (VIDEO)

“MasterChef Junior” season 5 is heading towards its conclusion, and tonight the kids get a big treat, then have to pay for it! Their families arrive as a surprise for them all. Talk about lifting spirits and delivering encouragement, right? The chefs’ first task is making a meal that is inspired by their families, and it comes out of the dreaded Mystery Box.

They’ll need the good feeling that comes from that for the tag team challenge. The young chefs are asked to replicate a sushi platter with Chef Edward Lee as a guest judge. The two-person teams have a tough task, even if they are familiar with how to create great sushi. The time factor always looms large, but when you haven’t made rolls before, things can get ugly.

That’s exactly what it looks like we’re watching in the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below. As we’ve seen all season, there comes a time on “MasterChef Junior” that each cook hits a wall and melts down. Last week it was Avani trying to make Chef Gordon Ramsay’s signature Beef Wellington. That would have tripped up anyone, but Avani got lost in the many steps it takes to produce the dish.

This week, it looks like it’s Afnan, one of the most animated members of the cast. The young man is upbeat, helpful to fellow contestants and so happy to be in the competition that it looks like he’ll burst from glee. It probably doesn’t help that Peyton is screaming at him from the sidelines as she watches her hopes of avoiding elimination slip down the drain .

Notice that Ramsay is egging her on, while not going over to poor Afnan and calming him down. Hey, the man knows how drama enhances the feel of reality TV. Check out the episode airing Thursday night April 20 at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

Photo and video of “MasterChef Junior”, courtesy of FOX Broadcasting. 

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