Sean on "My 600 Lb. LIfe" befoe entering Dr. Now's weight-loss program

Sean and Brittani on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’

Next up on the Season 5 look-back portion of “My 600 Lb. Life” are the stories of Brittani and Sean on the “Where Are They Now?”  Both patients of Dr. Nowzaradan were featured in season four, and when we left them, both had pushed through adversity to lose hundreds of pounds.

One of them is less than half her size at the top of her weight, the other is still obese, but 300 lbs. smaller than when we met him. Each has obstacles to push through, and their goals at this point in time are very different.

Brittani was housebound and ashamed of herself when she weighed 605 pounds. She had a husband she loved very much, and wanted a full, physical relationship with him. Like many of the patients on “My 600 Lb. Life” she longed for simple things that would bring her closer to him.

Brittani on "My 600 Lb. Life" prior to entering Dr. Now's weight-loss program
Brittani and husband on “My 600 Lb. Life” prior to entering Dr. Now’s weight-loss program

The most gut wrenching scene was when Brittani had dropped about 100 lbs., yet wasn’t strong enough to get into a horse-drawn carriage on a date with her husband. The public humiliation was overwhelming. She could have given up and she didn’t. She got a trainer, went to see a therapist and did what she needed to do to accelerate the progress.

With hard work and determination she lost over 300 lbs. Now she embarks on a goal to repair the debilitating effects of obesity on her body and must endure series of difficult skin surgeries. She’s one of Dr. Now’s success stories.

Sean was called “super obese” at the age of 26  because he weighed more than 900 lbs. at one point. His skin was tearing from the pressure of stretching over the enormous body. That only added to the danger of infection and, of course the pain he lives with.

One of the most striking scenes during his original story was his inability to walk more than a few steps rendering him bedridden. That left the chore to his aging mother and a helper to roll him on his side each day to keep him clean.

After going into Dr. Now’s weight loss program and receiving a sleeve bypass operation, Sean lost over 300 pounds. Yet his underlying issues persist, keeping him largely immobile. As further progress begins to stall, Dr. Now worries the culprit may be Sean’s own mother, presenting an obstacle that Sean might not have the courage to overcome.


Brittani: The patient kept up her resolve to change herself, get skin surgery and enjoy life again. Without being able to go anywhere, and not really wanting to be seen, she didn’t have a full life with her husband.

He, by the way, is still as large as he ever was, which kept looking more odd at the doctor’s office. At the end of the show when they were at Dr. Now’s, as Brittani was examined after her skin surgery, her husband looked like he should have been the patient. By that point, Brittani was close to 200 lbs.

The only setback for her was her visit to see her family in the northwest. She came back having gained weight, but this woman is so well-balanced, that it didn’t throw her into depressions or make her want to give up. She had her eyes on the prize of skin surgery, so she lost what she gained and more to get her clearance for the procedure. Her family could not believe her transformation.

Sean: It wasn’t until Dr. Nowzaradan ordered psychologist visits for both him and his mother that the pair made progress. They needed to spend less time with each other so that he was forced to get out of bed and do some simple things around the house.

He was still doing them in a wheelchair, but he got out of bed. His mother learned to spend time out of the house and involved in other activities. When they were alone at home, she prepped all his meals and gave him to his hunger or cravings. It happened each time they got back from the hospital.

Sean would be treated and lose a lot of weight, then return home and gain. His mother got into a shouting match with Dr. Now when she accused him of misdiagnosing her son and not listening to his cries of pain. He pointed the finger at her as the problem for her son and it wasn’t pretty.

Nonetheless, they took the appointments with a counselor who got through to Sean and his mother. He challenged Sean by getting past all his objections or reasons to stay in bed. With the mom, the counselor got through by explaining why she gave in to her son’s needs. The dynamic was different when we left them, but this is a patient that deserves a second follow-up. What do you think?

Watch “My 600 Lb. Life, Where Are They Now” special with Brittani and Sean, Wednesday night April 19 on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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  1. I always watch this show. It inspires me to eat right and to control compulsions. However Sean’s story made me so angry I got up and got me a late snack! Lol. To be so young and unable to leave the house. No girlfriend or other companions. Whew!. I really would like to see an update on Sean. I would also like to get my hands on the diets Dr. Now uses for some of his patients. I have an hiatal Genia that is very bad. I weigh about 210. I have alot of trouble exercising because I have moderate COPD. I think losing 50 lbs will help both my conditions. Send my a good diet to follow I do not have diabetes or heart and blood pressure problems.

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