Erin Krakow as Elizabeth and Lori Loughlin as Abigail in season four finale "When Calls the Heart"

‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 4 Finale: Will Anything Matter If Jack Doesn’t Return? (Video Preview)

Update: RECAP season finale. Healing, redemption, but Jack???

“When Calls the Heart” wraps up a busy season 4 Sunday night April 22 on Hallmark Channel, but will it help us understand the disappearance of Daniel Lissing as Mountie Jack Thornton? The plot summary is laid out in the preview video clip posted below.

The only hanging thread is the quick glimpse of Elizabeth Thatcher on horseback, looking like she’s in quite a hurry to get somewhere. Otherwise, Cody’s life is on the line and there’s a disagreement about his diagnosis and treatment. Who will Abigail trust to save this child that she’s raised as if he were her own?

The season brought us new characters, and justice after Ray Wyatt’s plan failed to run Hope Valley for his own benefit and that of the railroad. “When Calls the Heart” gave us humor in the form of Rosemary’s flitting from one activity to the next. It gave us the biggest romantic moment in the series as Jack proposed to Elizabeth in that field ringed in candles.

What we thought would be the death of Hope Valley as we knew it, turned out to be a false alarm. During Abigail’s interim-mayor stint she chose to keep negotiating with the railroad rather end the possibilities it afforded the town. Elizabeth struggled with integrating new students into the classroom and had to fend off Wyatt’s attempt to oust her from her position.

The budding romance between nurse Faith and the father of Elizabeth’s student Phillip was a nice touch, as was the story of Doug, the fallen young Mountie whose death changed the fate of Jack and Elizabeth. We got a glimpse of Bill Avery’s prowess with the ladies as well as sheriff while Jack was in the Northern Territories. Even Gowen turned into a more sympathetic figure when he helped nail Wyatt and accepted his punishment for the embezzlement scheme.

But at the heart of the show that uses “heart” in the title of each episode is the Jack and Elizabeth love story. Can that end without backlash by #Hearties?

“When Calls the Heart” airs its season four finale, April 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission


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19 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 4 Finale: Will Anything Matter If Jack Doesn’t Return? (Video Preview)

  1. There was like no “heart” in that episode at all. I seriously did NOT care about any of the plot from the finale because Jack was not there. Without JElizabeth, this show has nothing in my opinion. Better renew for season 5 and better bring back Daniel Lissing STAT.

  2. Bring back Jack. Bring back Jack…..!!!!!!! I just started to watch this show this year and if Jack doesn’t come back and if they don’t get married I will be done… it is a Great show and I did a marathon and watched every episode and love it but not if Jack (Daniel Lissing) and Elizabeth don’t get together. We need this show.

  3. Episode definitely carried a message of town unity, BUT fans need Jack to return to series. Sincerely hoping he is just working on another project and will be back for Season 5!
    Very glad to see that Paul Greene appears to be staying as the town doctor, as he is a great addition!
    Hoping Season 5 has a LOT MORE of Elizabeth and Jack written into the scripts!!!

  4. OK I did what you said I waited till the final episode for some hint of what’s happening to Jack it was a terrific episode but to have to wait the whole way till next February to find out what’s going on with Jack and Elizabeth is a little bit too much. At least you could have had a letter From him saying he’ll be home by a certain time or he’s headed home I was so disappointed that there was no true ending about Jack and Elizabeth. Please do something before February 2018 or Christmas.

    • Jean, just posted new item about the season 5 renewal and a clue, according to Hallmark, about Daniel Lissing in the text. It’s on landing page of the site right now

  5. This show is ALL ABOUT ELIZABETH AND JACK. It was very disappointing not to see Jack return in the final episode on season 4. Hallmark…..get him back PRONTO.

    • Very disappointed in the season finale – no word of Jack returning…
      the show is definitely not the same without Jack in it. I sincerely hope that season 5 begins with Jack returning to Hope Valley.

  6. I’m in unison with all of the above comments. I’m done if Jack (Daniel) does not return. I noticed in the credits from the finale that the episode was dedicated to Rip. Did we lose him too! What is going on with these writers and producers, I always thought they were so in tune with the great followers of the show.

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