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‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Season 4 Finale Filled With Healing and Joy, But No Jack!

Updated with news about a fifth season, and a hint about Jack!

“When Calls the Heart” aired its season four finale “Heart of a Fighter”, and boy, oh boy, did that apply to more than one person in Hope Valley. Carson Shepherd, Cody, Abigail and Elizabeth and were on the front lines. Let’s get to the recap!

Did you see Elizabeth Thatcher galloping out of town as part of the search party for Carson Shepherd? She found him and they returned to Hope Valley to check on Cody. His diagnosis of appendicitis was disputed by the local doctor, who was a pompous jerk. The two began a scuffle at the saloon and Bill broke it up.

But, the doctor was drinking it up, sure Cody wouldn’t need an operation for what he called a virus. Cody got worse and Carson checked in, realizing the appendix was ready to burst. Abigail stood up and gave him permission to operate despite not having all the instruments and protections of a hospital.

Meanwhile Cody’s condition got the better of Lee who recalled losing his brother at an early age. Abigail began to fear she’d lose a second little boy in her life, knowing she couldn’t withstand the grief that would come with that. Carson removed the appendix, which truly was the cause of Cody’s pain and sickness, but the young boy lost a lot of blood and was unconscious hours after surgery.

Everyone in town rallied to Abigail’s side, even Gowen who asked to find out if all went well with Cody before Bill transferred him to a more permanent facility. Rosemary was kind to Elizabeth and pointed out her growth in the years they’ve been in Hope Valley. From a shy and unsure woman to the backbone of a town, Elizabeth has been strong in the face of Jack’s absence and Wyatt’s treachery. She even got through to Shepherd’s former sister-in-law who wanted to report him to the medical board for operating without license.

After a beautiful prayer service, and a tough night, Cody’s condition stabilized and he woke up. Joyful news spread fast and it was time for a belated birthday party. Abigail told Carson he was meant to stay in Hope Valley, sent by God to help the town. Carson returned the favor by saying that Cody and the town saved him.

After a commercial break, there was a time jump of a few weeks. Cody was up and around, surrounded by his sister and Abigail, as Elizabeth penned a letter about it all. There next to her was a photo of Jack, as she wrote: “Come home soon my darling Jack. Nothing is more precious to me than you.” Sheesh, this is excruciating.

The episode ended with Cody’s birthday bash at the cafe. There he was surrounded by his friends and the town had already made plans to adopt Carson as its physician. Lee was prepared to pay half his salary! Looks like the town council will chip in the rest. The biggest present was from Abigail. The official adoption decree was signed, sealed and delivered, making Cody and Becky Abigail’s children in all ways.

“When Calls the Heart” aired its season four finale Sunday night April 23, on Hallmark Channel. Image credit: Crown Media US, used with permission┬á

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11 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’ Recap: Season 4 Finale Filled With Healing and Joy, But No Jack!

  1. I am so disappointed with the ending!! I can’t believe we have watched for 4 seasons and FINALLY JACK AND ELIZABETH ARE TOGETHER ONLY TO HAVE HIM RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET!! WHY?????? I will never watch it again if he doesn’t return. We have.
    a large group in our area that feels the same. We were having a heavy rain and our tv’s were going on and off. When I got service I stood and put it live on FB. for my friends to watch! You ought to see the remarks. Such a let down!!!­čś×

  2. I have been a fan of this show since the very beginning in January 2014. Since the my friends and I have taken notice and how close and tight- knit the cast and crew seem to be. In the past when Jack and Elizabeth have been separated, Erin Laurie and other cast would make comments or shout outs to each other. The comment may be like “we miss him too” or Eizabeth misses Jack, whatever it is. Many people online and among my friends have noticed that since Jack left town, none of the cast have commented on him leaving. They do not even bring him up and interviews or Facebook live. They are not even posting pictures with him in them. I’m sure it’s for PR purposes but in the past when fans got upset even Lori broke her silence during season 2 in the whole Charles Fiasco. Many of us find the situation very strange and very unlike them. Cannot help but notice that Dan’s name has been removed from the credits the last four episodes of the season period also have noted that he has not made any appearances on home and family all season long. Very strange.

    • Great point Jetta. We wrote a piece about Daniel’s social media accounts and there’s nothing at all about the show or his fellow actors. It’s all about his family, and he even posted a photo of him and a pal at Coachella last weekend. We’ve reached out again to Hallmark’s reps for some kind of answer to post for our readers.

  3. I will not get interested in a hallmark program again if when calls the heart is not rebewed. There is alot of story to tell. Three week again missing was talking with fans. No mention of Jack is the finale and news about season 5. I am done with hallmark.

  4. It was strange not to have Jack mentioned until the very end when Elizabeth was writing her memoirs and not having him show up in the finale. My feeling is that the show will be non-renewed and if it is not, than Jack will not be returning. It was hinted that Elizabeth will be returning home as she feels unfulfilled there for some reason. Trust me, Hallmark Channel always lets down their viewers, then cancels the shows and then they trust the fact that we being dedicated viewers to those kinds of shows, we pick up on a new one they show and then the same disappointment happens. They cancel it leaving the finale with a lot of loose ends.

  5. My goodness for such loyal fans are giving up too easy. You know this is how they do things. If you read the books called when calls the heart jack and Elizabeth get married. Plus if you’ve seen any shows with Daniel on them like home and family he recently lost his grandmother who we was very close to and maybe he’s taking a grieving time. Patience is a virtue especially with TV

  6. I was surprised that Jack wasn’t in this finale….disappointed I guess…
    Hope there is another season…I really enjoy this show…still waiting for it to come on cable in demand so I can watch it….

  7. The finale was good but without Jack it was disappointing. He and Elizabeth are the show. The others are what I call “fillers”. They are necessary to keep the show going. If Jack doesn’t return soon in Season 5, I’m done watching. I saw my first episode at Christmas and binge watched the first 3 seasons one weekend. I’m hooked on Jack.

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