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Jeff Collapses in Dark Forest on ‘Mountain Monsters’ and There’s a Black Wolf Lurking!

Updated: Recap of next episode. Is Jeff on Rogue Team or just pissed at Buck?

“Mountain Monsters” season 5 presented the episode, “Enter the Dark Forest” and the AIMS team began its hunt for the Woman of the Woods. Why? Well, the Rogue Team promised that with her capture, the good guys would get the identity of who killed the Stonish Giant as well as the creature’s body.

As if they didn’t have a big enough mission, a new creature was identified as lurking in the Dark Forest. That would be the Black Wolf, That piece of info came from Jeff, who just happened to forget he’d been to the forest without the rest of the team. Forget, you say? Yes, but somehow there was video that just happened to land in his possession.

It was creepier than creepy, because Jeff seemed dazed and confused on the video. He knelt without his overalls on, as some disembodied female voice told him to avoid the Dark Woods because of the Black Wolf. Jeff never got past that experience, and something or someone has taken hold of him. Would it have anything to do with that wooden symbol that keeps showing up in the woods?

The AIMS team trip to that same place caused Jeff to go bonkers again; so much so that the men decided he was a danger to himself and to them. Jeff would suddenly begin to bleed from the nose and fall over. Or, run from his own team, putting them in danger after they allowed him to rejoin the hunt. There was a wooden symbol that sure looked familiar, but there were other signs that humans might be closer than creatures.

At one point in their search the guys came upon what looked like fishing line strung across large areas between trees, as if to hem in the team and keep it from moving forward. Then there was some random man they ran across before they went deep into the Dark Forest who leaned into Buck and warned him against entering. There were headlights from vehicles and searchlights nosing around near where the fishing ine was hanging.

“Mountain Monsters” is always fun to watch, and this episode was way more fun than usual. We lost count of how many times Buck or one of the others said the words Dark Forest, as if we’d forget. If they weren’t saying Dark Forest, they were calling each other’s names or asking the same questions over and over. “What’s that?”, or “Did you see that?”, and course no one knew what “that” was.

Then there was the trepidation mixed with glee that they had more than one monster to investigate now that this so-called Black Wolf was mentioned. On top of the Black Wolf, Bigfoot, if it shows up, and the Woman of the Woods there’s a Girl of the Woods.

She distracted the guys while Jeff was running away from them and acting like he was possessed. They didn’t get very far after that, but had time to hide from some people and vehicle. Do you notice that these men run from things rather than confront them? We’ve seen more than our share of Buck’s behind than any human should, but then again, it’s no worse than the frontal view!

So let’s recap:

  • Jeff is possessed by something and no one understands it
  • There’s a girl AND a woman in the woods
  • There’s some woman’s voice warning about a Black Wolf
  • There may be a Bigfoot lurking
  • Buck claims he didn’t steal leadership from Trapper, although he sure acts like the leader when Trapper’s not around.
  • Wild Bill and Willie built a command post in the woods since it looks like they’ll be spending a heck of a lot of time there.

Tune in next week for more antics, as the stakes get raised for AIMS team.

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America beginning at 10 p.m ET/Pt   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission. 

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  1. I’ve seen all the episode and from the way Jeff’s acting i feel like your right but wrong at the same time.

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