Roy Brown and Whitney Way Thore on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life"

Roy and Whitney Won’t Kiss on ‘The Skinny’, Reunion For ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” concluded its time on the air for now, and presented the reunion show, “The Skinny” hosted by Shaun Robinson.  This season Maney and Roy from radio station made the trip and sat in on the one-hour season in review.

Jiya made an appearance as well, but other than that it was the regulars. Whitney, her parents (Babs looks well!), Boo Bear Buddy, Heather, Tal and Todd watched the scenes chosen for review and comment. And comment they did. There was only one walk-out and this year it was Buddy.

He got rude with Shaun Robinson who wanted to talk about the fight over Buddy refusing, initially, to sign a lease to live in Whitney’s home. Buddy tried to fight back by asking questions of Whitney about how timely she makes payments to him for the Internet service to the house, and Shaun asked him to let her ask the questions. Boom, he was outta’ there, only to return after giving the middle finger to the show’s cameras.

Todd and Whitney rehashed the incident in NYC, and among her pals on the set, he came out the loser when there was a show of hands over who thought Todd was too full of himself. Jiya made her points again, about why she thought her dance team won the battle. There was a nice moment when the two women buried the hatchet, but it’s looking like Jiya isn’t interested in Battle Part 2.

Babs was asked about her health and on a scale of one-to-ten she claimed to be a “six”. Glenn didn’t hold back about the whole pregnancy scare and Whitney dabbling in her girl-kiss with Amanda, but ultimately said that he could get over most anything when it pertained to the daughter he loves so much.

Then there was Roy from KISS 95.1. He was challenged to admit that he knew how Whitney felt about him and that he didn’t have a girlfriend in the season when he texted her all the time, then showed up at a performance with flowers. Roy denied it all and once again apologized for any hurt he might have caused. Whitney didn’t say he was of any romantic interest to her at that moment, but she’s free without any prospects, so who knows, right?

Roy would have to come back strong, apologizing sincerely, because Whitney is still not convinced about a phantom girlfriend! When Shaun asked them to kiss and makeup, the awkward quotient got ramped up. Maney covered Babs’ eyes in jest and Whitney said, “He can kiss my ass!” Roy’s defense was that if he kissed her people would accuse him of leading her on again.

Speaking of that, Babs’ gave Roy a poke in the ribs when he commented on Whitney’s dating life as ‘interesting”. Good old Babs, a true mom to the end said, “Well, I’ll bet she get a lot of people leading her on,” which was a drop the mic moment. Roy seemed genuinely upset at the blow back he got from people calling him names, many of which he said he couldn’t say on TV.

Who thinks Roy didn’t do right by Whitney Thore? Chime in below in comments section.

Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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