Barry Weiss and Kenny on "Barry'd Treasure"

‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Kenny’s Back Is Barry Weiss Far Behind?

Update: Here are 4 reasons Kenny’s the star of season 10

“Storage Wars” season 10 is only a few weeks old and it continues to surprise viewers, mostly in a good way. In last night’s show from Costa Mesa, CA, “Who Wants to Be a Mil-li-ner?” we got treated to the return of Kenny Crossley.

The man was always at the side of Barry Weiss, who all fans of the show miss. Kenny decided to dip his toe into the water of auction bidding all by himself. Rene Nezhoda dispensed advice, which consisted of telling Kenny to think of what Barry would do, and do the opposite. Kenny doesn’t have Barry’s money to play with so every dollar meant something. ¬†Dan and Laura official comments about their absence in new season.

Did you see what occurred? Kenny paid $5.00 for a locker that no one else wanted. It was 90% empty and it’s only feature was a metal clothing rack like you see in a store, with some clothes hanging on it. Damn if Kenny didn’t put on one of the jackets and find about $150 in it! As he said to Rene, who stopped by to check, “These are some hot pockets!” Indeed they were. Kenny evaluated the clothing and rack as $50 at retail.

He helped out Rene with his locker, even schlepping to a place to evaluate and appraise what looked like a cooker, so to speak, for cannabis. Sure enough it was, but to test it, the owner of the place, and coincidently the co-inventor of The Herbalizer, used peppermint herbs. It wasn’t what Kenny hoped for, but he got a laugh out of it anyway.

In the “Storage Wars” back-to-back episode kicking off season 10, we learned what’s new with Darrell and Brandon, Brandi and Jarrod as well as Mary Padian. The biggest surprise was the arrival of a new auctioneer, Emily Wears, who has split time thus far with Dan and Laura Dotson. With the return of Kenny, here’s hoping we get at least a drop-in from Barry Weiss.

“Storage Wars” airs Wednesdays on A&E, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬†Image credit, A&E, from “Barry’d Treasure”.

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