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Teretha and Chad’s Post-Surgery Life on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’

It’s time to look at year two in the life of two patients on “My 600 Lb. Life” We’ve seen that “Where Are They Now?” shows don’t always paint a great picture of how morbidly obese people react after they’ve gotten the weight-loss surgery they wanted.

One of the stories tonight is about Teretha, a woman whose size required nine people to lift her out of the house to take the trip to Dr. Nowzaradan’s office in Houston. Chad’s journey has gone better; at least he’s not stuck in bed. Yes, Teretha lost hundred of pounds but used every excuse, according to the doctor, to avoid getting on her feet.

In “Where Are They Now”, we found out that what ailed Teretha, besides fear was homesickness. The woman never stopped speaking about her family in Detroit. Dr. Now tried everything, including hospitalizing her, even getting her a slot at a rehab facility.

He warned that without moving her body, the weight would return. He actually used a second gastric procedure as a threat, so to speak. Teretha got a sleeve, not a bypass when she was almost 700 lbs. But, sometimes the doctor doesn’t know best on “My 600 Lb. Life”. Teretha and her husband returned to Detroit. Unfortunately it was in the same way as she arrived in Houston. 10 EMS workers lifted her into the back of a van and that hellish trip to Michigan began.

The closeness with her family and their participation in her rehabilitation was just the tonic she needed, but it still didn’t get her walking. With the help of Dr. Now she chose a facility and worked hard for two months. She left walking on her own with a walker and continued to make progress. She proudly demonstrated that to Dr. Now in a video chat. She’s determined to continue.

Chad was always able to move around on his own, but unable to sustain it for any length of time. He tipped the scales at almost 800 lbs. when he began his journey. By the time “Where Are They Now?” ended, the guy was in the low 300’s, back driving trucks to make a living and enjoying life with his wife and two children.

At one point in his second year, he took his family along on his long-haul trucking assignments for part of a summer. They slowly built a new kind of relationship in which their father participated in activities, not just watching from a wheelchair. Chad had a couple of hiccups on the way to skin surgery, one of which occurred when he returned to work. Driving a truck, making stops at places without healthy food choices lured him back to high fat, high sugar foods.

He quickly remedied that, and his first skin surgery took almost 11 lbs. of hanging skin off one leg. It’s the first of a few surgeries like that for Chad, but with him close to his goal weight, he pledged to keep at it.

Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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