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‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: Is Jeff With Rogue Team, Or Just Pissed At Buck?

After viewing the latest episode of “Mountain Monsters”, titled “The Black Wolf”, the only question worth asking is if Jeff is sabotaging the AIMS team or just tired of the nonsense. You can’t blame him for being suspicious of the others, particularly Buck, who he knows is keeping information from him. The hunt for the Woman of the Woods has changed to a hunt for the Black Wolf.

Is there such a thing? The AIMS team found a man, just sitting in the dark who identified that crazy howling as coming from the creature. He explained the Shawnee folklore surrounding the Black Wolf. If he’s correct, then Jeff could be in danger of dying. The spirit of a shaman returns in the form of the Black Wolf to escort a Shawnee to the next life. Jeff is Shawnee, we were told, and Buck is convinced that it’s there, right now for Jeff.

Under the guise of protecting Jeff, Buck began to whisper to Huck about his fear with Jeff looking on. That got him ticked off, but the worst moment for Jeff was the next day. Trapper decided to join the boys to get an update and Jeff was told to leave the group discussion “for his own good”. He didn’t take it that way and with Wild Bill as his babysitter, as Jeff called him, he was walked off. Trapper heard the tale of the Shawnee and seemed like he was as convinced as Buck and the others.

Yet, when it suited Buck’s purposes, he dragged Jeff back into the forest to see if he recognized the large symbol created with tree trunks and leaves in the shape of a 12-foot high “X”. It had a dead rabbit hung in the center when the guys saw it the previous night. When they saw it with Jeff, the rabbit was gone, but another dead animal was hanging from a rope nearby. Jeff told Buck that it was in the center of a medicine circle. He asked if anyone had breached the circle, Buck raised his hand and Jeff said he should expect consequences.

That ticked off Buck, and when Jeff’s phone went off after he denied having it on him he and Buck got into it. They began finger-pointing, then shoving each other around. Both are tired of the other’s attitude, and now Buck believes Jeff lied about his phone. Jeff, of course, said he didn’t recall telling the guys he was without his phone, accusing them of manufacturing things about him, to keep making him look and feel bad.

Can we agree the guy is acting strange? Then there are those nasty nosebleeds, that seem to come as he gets agitated and ornery. That doesn’t account for what came next, however. The guys waited until nightfall and decided to check on Jeff at his home. He left with two other men and drove right to the Dark Forest.

He set a trip wire, presumably to keep the team out of the area, which did not go down well with the AIMS team members. They feared he was sabotaging the mission.  He and the others went directly to the medicine circle and the men burned it all down, seemingly untroubled by the fact that it might spread since, you know, it’s a freakin’ forest.

That turned into a cloak and dagger operation with Buck giving all the orders about how to track Jeff from that point on. Next thing we knew, Buck jumped in to the back of Jeff’s pickup truck, hid under a tarp in the flatbed and asked the others via the radio, to follow him in their vehicle.

The team tracked Jeff to a location where he was, and they surprised him. They were the ones shocked, however, since there he was standing with Trapper.

So let’s recap:

Jeff’s odd behavior in the Black Forest, the nosebleeds and the fainting spells are one thing. His lie (Buck’s word) about the phone, setting the trip wire, then burning the wooden symbol and the dead animal adds further intrigue and concern. But, huddling with Trapper at night without talking to the team about it? Are they together in this?

Buck’s become the defacto leader with Trapper still recovering from his terrible ordeal, and Jeff shunted aside. He’s giving new orders whenever he thinks something needs investigation, and of course, he was the one that floated the theory that Jeff was the target of the Black Wolf’s latest visit. Then there was the Jack Bauer-like stuff of jumping into Jeff’s truck to follow him.

There was little discussion about why the heck they’re in the Dark Forest in the first place. The Woman of the Woods is no longer their mission. Now it’s the Black Wolf and whoever is leaving the dead animals hanging. Jeff’s become a suspect rather than a friend and brother-in-arms.

Thoughts? Let us know if you are confused about how there could be surveillance in the Dark Forest with the light from TV cameras?

Also, should there be a drinking game for the show? Take a drink each time you hear, “We have to find out what he’s up to”, or “We have to figure this out”, or each time Wild Bill screams as his usual way of speaking? If he were typing it would be ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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10 thoughts on “‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: Is Jeff With Rogue Team, Or Just Pissed At Buck?

  1. Man I’m confused on so many things, how did buck become the leader in the first place, he was just a rookie a couple of season ago, is this RT deal is to break up the team so that buck can have his own show, or is Trapper and Jeff putting together a new team because they feel buck has taken over, remember Jeff said you are trying to push me out like u are pushing Trapper out, Trapper said that he wanted to kick buck off the team when he missed that meeting and Jeff told him that buck and Huck had went on there own to find the porchers, buck is no longer going to follow what Trapper is saying, I think this is the end of the Aims team and hello to a buck team, bad part is that wild bill and Willie still looks up to Trapper as the big brass, but will this Jeff and Trapper late night meeting turn wild bill and Willie to follow buck, can’t wait until Saturday night.

  2. I think Buck is ruining the show with his 4th grade antics of belly bumping trying to whip the world..Even his own team mates this isn’t what Aims was about used to be a good family fun show to watch when they was hunting critters real or otherwise in the forest the guys was a botherhood and got along and followed Trappers order not going off on their own doing this and that and the rest following along we liked Buck fine as the new kid and doing the grunt work for the older guys thought he was a real good kid but lately started end of last year with him being under influence of the Raven Mocker and then Huck naked with mud all over him getting far fetched and stupid kiddish like my family and I have been fans since show came on and seriously considering stopping watching it too much made up fake drama like a soap opera except for kids.They are ruining a good family show……It’s sad…Really is……

  3. Infrared light used by the cameras can’t be seen by humans. It makes it look like they are shining a light but aren’t actually. There’s a theory that Bigfoots can see in the infrared range which makes sense why they aren’t captured fully on cameras and probably tend to shy away from them.

  4. I think that the people that Jeff went to the circle with were local shaman and they cleansed the area, in part to protect Buck. With Trapper there I think we will see him explaining that he talked to Jeff about Buck’s concerns (which he said that he would do) and that they don’t fully trust this masked figure.

    No matter what happens, it sure is good viewing.

  5. We’d really like to see more about the Mountain Monsters”…Or are the cast members the monsters? Just askin’. Wish y’all would get back to the original subject, complete with failing traps, running around the woods at night with loaded weapons screaming like a bunch of yahoos, and stuff.

  6. Buck did offer to leave the team when Jeff acused him of tring to take over the team no questions ask. With Trapper laid up and now admitting he cant run with the team in the woods Buck has become defacto leader, but he still reports to trapper when anything pops up. Huck, Bill, Willie, have been following and agreeing to bucks ideas and Buck seems to be stuck on the rouge team and wanting to get rid of them at all cost or at least find out who they are. Im so confused, but this Black Wolf sounds like a good beast for them to hunt and trap. At least hunting a critter is still in the mix, I hope they get to that soon.

  7. This whole Jeff and Trapper being part of the rogue team theory is interesting. If true, could they be possibly training Buck to be permanent team leader? Showing him what’s they’ve been missing etc. to get him up to snuff? I don’t know for sure, I’ve just been hearing that people think those two may be running the rogue team, but the only reason I could think they would do it would be to specifically train Buck as leader. The scull dude said he never lied to Buck and he never would. That part was interesting.

  8. We will never know unless there will be a new season. Episode nine was this season’s finale.

    I’ll say this much. I love the idea that Trapped is taking the really tough line with Buck to train him to lead the team. Jeff is getting too unwieldy to go on much longer, and Trapped at almost 71, in so-so health…he’s got to be on his way off the show.

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