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‘Good Witch’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Who Cut the Middleton Merriwick?

Updated: Season 3 finale recap: Cassie had to let go of magic to find happy ending

“Good Witch” season three kicked off with the episode “A Budding Romance” and there was much more than romance in the air. Then again, there’s always something in the air in Middleton, if Cassie is around.

Just a nod of her head, a knowing smile, or a quick change in her facial expression indicates something’s up, or someone is near. Did you catch that quick scene in the cafe when Sam approached Cassie from behind with one red rose in his hand? Cassie could feel his presence, smiled just a bit, but never turned around. As Sam noted, it’s unusual for him to be able to surprise her, which he didn’t.

The one rose was after a gorgeous bouquet the previous day, because Sam’s all in on the relationship with Cassie. You know who was a bit miffed? That would be Abigail, who made Sam feel a bit shamed of buying another bouquet within 24 hours. Jealous much? She also drove away a customer who she came on to. Abigail’s got to dial it back a little.

The romance in the title wasn’t just about the now-public coupling of Sam and Cassie. Grace mistakenly thought that Nick was ready to ask her out. It turns out he’s all gaga over her pal Courtney. Once she learned that, she felt a bit embarrassed, and perhaps a bit unsure of the what seemed like jealousy. Although she wanted to keep Nick in the friend zone, once he declared for her pal, is she rethinking it?

Martha, Mayor of Middleton geared up for a national push to get publicity for the Merriwick’s expected blooming. That was cut short and in a troubling way when it was discovered that someone had clipped a stem from the plant, causing it to wilt. Looks like that is the season’s big mystery. Who are the suspects at the moment? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

In the photo posted above, the local botanist Daphne came calling and got some history from Cassie and George about the Merriwick. She was there to study it and wondered if it was a one-of-a kind or if it could be replicated. Cassie and George tried to explain, without really explaining why it was unique. Not only is there nothing else like it, but it blooms when it wants. As Martha said, she wants a “wonderful and magical” year in Middleton. That seems to be in danger.

Cassie got past her surprise about the escalation of the relationship between Cassie and Sam, ultimately being happy for her mom. The new couple have settled into something lovely that took its time to get to this point. Let’s hope that any bad mojo doesn’t touch the couple with the damage to the Merriwick.

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

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