Mary on season four "Return to Amish"

‘Return to Amish’ Recap: Mary On a Treadmill Was a Sight to Behold!

Updated: EXCLUSIVE preview, Abe v. Rebecca over GED

“Return to Amish” aired its season four premiere last night on TLC. In the episode “Mary With Children”, there was turmoil, but the lighter moments made it all worth while.

Under the heading of turmoil, you had Sabrina and the latest custody battle for Oakley, while getting assistance from a doula. The woman made a home visit to Sabrina, helping her understand what a home birth would entail, and offering advice about how to make it as comfortable as possible.

What did Sabrina do? She mocked her, just not to her face. We got the cameo camera time with her in which her sarcasm knew no bounds. Meanwhile, she got an education along with techniques to ease the strain on her body caused by her growing belly. For a person who wants help and sympathy, she seemed less than appreciative. To be continued…

Also in the turmoil column, was the tension and bickering between Jeremiah and Rebecca, and occasionally with Abe. Jeremiah’s consumed with moving to Florida with wife Carmela, but while at home in Pennsylvania took time to insult and ridicule Rebecca’s quest for a GED, and a real career. The accusations of Abe being emasculated by Rebecca weren’t blunted by Mary being at the head of the table, serving up the scrumptious meal she cooked.

The “Return to Amish” premiere was two hours in length, as the others in the season will be, so there was plenty of time to follow Jeremiah and Carmela to Florida. They toured homes and property settling a disagreement by buying two properties. One they intend to rent after some fix-up work is done. Carmela warned her husband about one piece of land that she thought had “mushy” soil. As it turns out, she was correct to have doubts. There is the distinct possibility that sink holes will develop.

Rebecca got a sobering evaluation from a GED tutor. Her knowledge of basic school subjects is not up to even the eighth grade level she reached, except for her language skills. Math, like simple multiplication and division stumped her, but in science she had the skills of a kindergartener, according to the tutor. It was never taught in the Amish school house that she attended. She’s got a lot of work to do, but she’s game to go for it. Let’s see how that goes over with Abe.

Mary let her anger loose on the church elder who she savaged with a rant that sent him into a tizzy. How dare a woman speak to a man like that! He was cruel, but Mary didn’t expect to change his mind after she completed her take down. She just wanted him to know that she hasn’t let go of the hurt of being kept from her father’s funeral.

There’s one place Mary’s happy and that’s the kitchen. It’s always great to watch her prepare the Amish recipes that load everything with butter, salt, sugar and carbs for days. It’s comfort food of the first order, and the only way Mary knows how to cook, or eat, for that matter. But, now that she is shunned by the the church elder, she’s decided to take advantage of the time to experience “English” activities.

One of those was a session at a local gym, with Rebecca in tow. The young trainer got his first experience of helping Amish clients learn about nutrition and exercise. Watching Mary on the treadmill in her traditional garb was adorable. She loved it, but wasn’t thrilled after learning that she’ll have to cut out most of what she consumes if she is to lose a minimum of 50 lbs. as her doctor suggested.

Mary baked a pie and cookies as a gesture of appreciation and delivered them to the gym. She took great pains to tell the trainer that she used only half the sugar, less salt and substituted lard for butter. The stunned look on the young man’s face said it all, as did those of the gym clients who got Mary offering them cookies as they exercised. She taught them all a lesson in kindness and in gratitude, but the tradition of pie as a thank you gift might have to stop, at least for now!

What was your favorite moment from the “Return to Amish” season premiere?

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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