Charlie Jagow on "The Last Alaskans" flying his plane to his trapline

‘The Last Alaskans’: Trapping Season Threatened, Charlie Jagow Takes To the Air

Winter has set in and it was trapping season on the most recent episode of “The Last Alaskans”. Titled “Pray For Snow”, it’s not difficult to determine the topic covered. With only three-four inches of snow thus far, trapping season has become difficult for everyone in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Edna and Heimo Korth are hoofing it to the trapline, as are the Seldens. It doesn’t make for a successful season that way, but the families have been prevented from using their snow machines and dog sleds. Think the dogs are happy about that?  Not only are they unhappy, their behavior towards each other got more aggressive than usual.

Tyler and Ashley Selden were having a very difficult time getting them to behave – even with regular exercise. It’s not what they’re bred to do and the dogs know they should be working and working hard. The families make their living by trapping, and anything that comes between them and their livelihood makes for a miserable time.

But on “The Last Alaskans”, there’s one resident who has learned to rise above it all, literally. Charlie Jagow got in his plane and flew where he needed to go. The young man is spending his first winter alone in his own cabin, finished just in time for the season. He gave us a bit of a tour of the place and it’s beautifully crafted with finishing touches that make it stand out.

He built himself a loft bedroom, and was adorable when he apologized for the sparse furnishings. There’s plenty of room to hang the animals he’s caught as he goes about his business. Here’s thinking viewers will give him a break! Oh yes, and it’s warm inside as Jagow pointed out. He loves the solitude and the feeling of making his own way in life. In the video clip posted below, catch a bit of Charlie from last season as he introduces us to his off-season acquisition.

“The Last Alaskans” airs Wednesdays on Discovery, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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