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‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Selfish Tamar Creates Chaos At Family Vacation

UPDATE: Showdown with Daddy reveals his selfish, soul-crushing truth

What’s with Tamar? We could always ask that, but it seems like she’s going off the rails on “Braxton Family Values”. In the episode “Donde Esta Daddy?” she was over-the-top about inviting her father to Mexico, despite her sisters silently happy he was not with them. She did it while Evelyn was right in front of her at a restaurant table.

Then she gave Vince the green light to come to the resort with Logan to celebrate her hubby’s birthday. She did it without asking her sisters and mother, but did a lot of hinting about it. Towanda was the one who had the most to say about it during her one-on-one camera time. Tamar had not yet informed the ladies and Vince was already at the hotel waiting for his wife.

Miss Tamar made a big show of video chatting by phone with her dad. She put her sisters on the spot by asking them to agree with her about him making the trip, as Evelyn just watched. Of course, when she was asked about her preference, the Braxton matriarch gave Tamar the okay signal. Did she mean it? Maybe we’ll find out.

Until that time, Daddy Braxton was nowhere to be found as the ladies enjoyed their first couple of days in Puerta Vallarta. As Trina noted, there were no arguments after 48 hours. Hey Trina, just wait ’til you see who’s at the hotel and who is yet to arrive. You’ll have arguments then!

At the conclusion of the episode, Wanda and Michael Braxton arrived hand-in-hand. She asked if the girls knew she was along for the ride and of course, they didn’t. The first people the couple came across were grandson Logan and his nanny. Logan wanted to run and tell mommy right away, but grandpa wasn’t thrilled. Daddy Braxton also asked that the nanny say nothing about their presence. How long do you think that’s gonna’ last?

Has Tamar seemed more aggressive and ornery than usual to you? Let us know with comments posted below.

Braxton Family Values” airs Thursdays on WE tv. Image credit: WE tv, used with permission¬†

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