Rebecca in "Return to Amish"

‘Return to Amish’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Did Abe’s Attempt To Keep Rebecca Uneducated Rub Off On Her? (VIDEO)

“Return to Amish” is back Sunday night May 7 for its second episode of the new season. In “I Got You Abe”, the action flips from Pennsylvania to Florida throughout the two-hour show, continuing the stories begun in last week’s season premiere. One those was Rebecca’s tentative start to getting her GED.

Her evaluation was a shock to her system. She pondered the question of why she thought she was smart at all. Instead of dissuading her from her goal, it strengthened her resolve. Then she went to Abe to settle it once and for all. Abe’s been accused of being too “Amish” by Jeremiah when he resisted his wife working, then called a ‘—sy” when he gave in to her. He told his wife, “You don’t need an education to live”. Yeah, he did that. In the EXCLUSIVE video clip posted below find out if Rebecca fought for something or nothing.

Speaking of Jeremiah, “Return to Amish” gives us the follow up to his Florida real estate woes. He and Carmela argued about which of two properties they liked. Instead of deciding, they purchased both, but it was the property that Carmela had doubts about that came up and bit them in the butts. The soil is soft and sink holes threaten to swallow whatever is built on it.

After Sabrina met with the doula about her desire for a home birth, it didn’t change her mind. She did a ton of eye-rolling over the process and recoiled from being touched. Think she won’t have to feel hands on her body during the birthing process? That is if it happens at all. There’s a medical issue that might make the decision for her.

Later in the two-hour episode, Mary gets her wish to visit Florida. Abe takes the wheel and they take off. Will Rebecca be studying for a GED by that time?

“Return to Amish” airs new episodes Sundays on TLC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video: Courtesy of TLC, used with permission¬†

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1 thought on “‘Return to Amish’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Did Abe’s Attempt To Keep Rebecca Uneducated Rub Off On Her? (VIDEO)

  1. someone needs to remind Rebecca that not only is she not the matriarch of this “family” but she has no education, an ex husband that couldn’t or wouldn’t put up with her know-it-all attitude. She needs to remember where she came from and treat others how she wants to be treated. She has turnef Abe into a pitiful excuse of a man. Any woman that doesn’t respect the love her husband has for his own mother does not deserve to have such a man. Mary along with every other person in this “family” has treated and spoke of Rebecca with respect and busted their asses while kissing her ass just to be kind and she has done nothing but treated everyone, including her own husband like trash and he is too ignorant to realize it. She talks about worrying about Sabrina’s children, she needs to worry about what she is teaching her own babies!! How about teaching them a little kindness, selflessness, unconditional love, more importantly RESPECT!!!!! In order to teach it you first must learn it.

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