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‘Scandal’: We Need a Peus Origin Story To Know If Others Are Lurking

Updated: Big reveal of Peus’ puppet master, and fate of OPA

After “The Box” you might be fooled into thinking that it’s safe to come out and play, but this season of “Scandal” has taught us that it would be foolish to do so. Peus & Associates arose from some sort of writers’ room haze, and that means that someone else can too.

We learned that Papa Pope had been a slave to them for a while, although he didn’t give us an idea of exactly how long it was. Their method was very cartel-like. On random days he’d get a box delivered to his door, always within the same weight range, containing one brick.

Eli told Fitz he was threatened with promise that Olivia Pope’s head would be in the box if Eli didn’t do as he was told. Because a human head’s weight approximates that of the size brick in the box, he would never know until he opened it. So we had that. We also got that rare sight of Papa Pope and Fitz bonding, and it led to Eli giving Fitz the playbook about how to rid the world of Peus and Ruland.

The idea was relatively simple and effective. Eli would bust Ruland out of her holding room, after she refused to rat out her partner. She would lead him to Peus and Jake would trail along to kill him while Papa Pope took out Ruland. Yes it worked, and yes, Mellie is now free to believe she won’t be a puppet president.

Olivia Pope gave Peus the idea of how to scare the country and the world so Mellie would bend to his will. That drone on the lawn of the White House idea spawned many that Peus sent to hover over major cities, loaded with bombs. When Olivia wouldn’t hand over Mellie two were detonated, one in Dallas and the other in Philly.

This season of “Scandal” has been about Olivia Pope’s thirst for power in the Oval. Her decisions made by herself have not been stellar. When she gets in a group-think, she leads the discussion and forces solutions, but none are truly her own, yet she will be Mellie’s chief-of-staff, essentially running the country through advice to Mellie. Cyrus was the example, and he jumped back into action after the drone strikes when Abby didn’t hover around Fitz enough.

We got lots of dramatic monologues from Olivia, her father and even Fitz, whose convincing argument to Eli was about the only topic that means anything to them: Olivia. Eli fretted he was worthless as a father who couldn’t protect his daughter and Fitz was kind, despite Eil’s distaste for Olivia’s love for him. Olivia’s rant to Mellie was about her being the symbol of female strength, the first woman POTUS, whose chance shouldn’t be wasted out of fear.

But here’s the thing about it all. As quickly as Peus & Associates arrived in our Thursday nights of TGIT, others like them, or more of them could appear. What’s to say that Peus and Ruland are only one branch of an evil organization? They aren’t the only evil-doers, so to speak who have designs on taking control of the United States government.

Before the season ends we are owed an explanation of who the heck they are and exactly how long they owned Papa Pope. Did he run B613 with them in his ear? If so, did they arise out of the slime that was left when the agency imploded?


  • The meaningful looks from Melliie to Marcus don’t seem to be returned. Trouble in paradise?
  • Their moment in the Oval after it was all over reminded us that Olivia wants that kind of equality with Fitz, not the life he tried to give her as the “First Mistress”.
  • Lots of talk about Fitz’s legacy going down the tubes after the drone attacks. Liv didn’t seem to disagree with her lover. We’ll ask again if #Olitz is back.
  • Less than two weeks until Mellie is sworn in and there’s been no talk about next lives for Abby and Fitz.
  • What happens to OPA with the OP?
  • David punching Ruland was justice, but it came after she spotted his “tell” trying to get her to give up Peus. The guy needs a new job.
  • Papa Pope completed assembling his masterpiece dinosaur. He himself was portrayed as one in the counterintelligence game.
  • What are your guesses about how the season concludes and if we will learn the Peus origin story.

“Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image credit: ABC, used with permission¬†


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  1. They were just pawns Sam head is in that bloody box in the end and papa pope sending it to who it was behind sending him the boxes T. rex finish I hate to say this but that’s important papa pope is in control now this war has just started and it ain’t momma pope but the person ain’t someone new we just have forgot about them

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