Bailee Madison, Catherine Bell as Grace and Cassie on "Good Witch" Season 3, Hallmark Channel

‘Good Witch’ Recap: When Will Sam Get It? Cassie Can Do Everything!

“Good Witch” moved past the mystery of who clipped the Middleton Merriwick, and even threw in a reference to the classic TV drama “Columbo” during season 3 episode 2, “Without Magic for a Spell”. The crime resulted in an arrest, which seemed a little messy for the show, but at least the Merriwick bloomed.

Yes, it was Daphne the botanist who damaged and almost killed the plant. She had hopes of doing something extraordinary by creating a plant from the stalk of the Merriwick that would bloom every year, creating magic around the world. It would also bring her fame within her profession, which Cassie told her was not as important being known as a good person.

With that out of the way, Middleton returned to normal, meaning Bell, Book & Candle reopened after a couple of days, Grace wasn’t surprised by a pop quiz, and Sam could hit up his girlfriend for natural elements to help his patients, when an anti-inflammatory won’t work! ¬†Speaking of Sam, he keeps getting evidence to believe that something magical can trump science. How much more does he really need to understand about Cassie?

While Middleton was turned down by the tourist board for a feature in its yearly book, it looks like something might be coming back to regenerate some business and fun. The old movie theater is up for grabs, and looking for investors to revive it to its former glory. When you don’t have the capital to invest, there’s always good old “sweat equity”, to contribute. Looks like that’s a story to watch this season.

While the Merriwick mystery was the most serious part of this episode of “Good Witch”, at least for the town’s health, Abigail had a situation that was just plain nasty. Kevin, a former partner in her advertising business came to town ostensibly to apologize. He and Abigail’s other partners, who created the business pushed her out of the company, but held onto her stock.

Feeling betrayed, she had lost track of them, and ultimately welcomed Kevin’s overture. Then we learned his true reason to visit Middleton. Kevin lied about the business having to dissolve because it failed financially. All Abigail had to do , he told her, was sign a document along with the others to formally file with the state. Abigail almost signed it without studying what it contained, and caught herself. It was while the town was under the weather, so to speak, because of the Merriwick’s lack of bloom.

Unfortunately for Kevin, the plant bloomed and Abigail realized she was being taken for a ride. The company was being sold to a larger agency, and her partners didn’t want to share the wealth with her. What Kevin did amounted to attempted fraud. Yeah, just nasty. Wonder how much she’ll make and if there’s more than a floral shop in store for her this season?

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: Crownmedia Press US, used with permission

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1 thought on “‘Good Witch’ Recap: When Will Sam Get It? Cassie Can Do Everything!

  1. Such a good episode! I am glad the Merriwick flower mystery was solved and the ladies got their powers back! I also enjoyed the Cinnamon tea remedy for achy knees storyline. Sam actually tried it and it worked! I am loving this new interplay of holistic natural medicine wisdom with modern medical practice. Good job Hallmark! The movie theatre coming back to life sounds promising as well. This is looking to be a fun season!

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