Mary knits on her porch "Return to Amish" season 4 on TLC

‘Return to Amish’ Recap: Mary’s A Rock Star On The Road To Florida

“Return to Amish” season four continued last night on TLC with episode 2, “I Got You Abe”. There is no one happier than Mary on the show. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff and her new lifestyle is suiting her just fine. The same can’t be said for Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, Carmela or Sabrina.

There are two issues that might interrupt this love fest for Mary. What will her taking up English hobbies do to her husband’s status in the community? She’s not sweating it, despite what others say. Then there’s that gambling thing. Rebecca and Mary had another go-round with Abe watching, and Mary claimed she wasn’t an addict as much as she was an enthusiast. She insisted that she knows when to stop. Except, when Mary joined Abe and Rebecca at a counseling session, the therapist looked her in the eye and told her that mere enthusiasts don’t find they are short when bills come in.

Then we got an honest response to the question of why she spends so much time at the casino. It’s Mary’s substitute for medication to calm her. She says that her worries dissolve, and she gets some peace from the day-to-day aggravation caused by her shunning. But, nothing’s gonna’ stop the fun ride she’s on now that she passed her driving test. It took her going back after she failed, but she did it.

What did she do with her new freedom, and make no mistake about it, that’s the key word here? She packed a bag, took Abe along for the ride and off they went to Florida in that hot Trans Am of hers. We got cameras trailing her and her son on the way and there were some gambling establishments that made their acquaintance. Mary is also an object of curiosity for her Amish garb, and she doesn’t mind having pictures taken and explaining the truth about the Amish way of life. People just gravitate to her.

Look out Sarasota, Florida which Abe informed us is the Amish version of Las Vegas!

In the other stories of the night, Abe and Rebecca made no significant progress in counseling. While we learned along with the therapist what’s at the core of Rebecca’s anxiety, it didn’t seem to matter to her husband. With him away on a road trip Rebecca is concerned about it returning. Meanwhile she went to her GED classes, and learned that there’s no way to understand multiplication unless you memorize and drill. We could have told her that, right?

Sabrina went to court and is waiting for a determination about losing all her parental rights as it related to Oakley. The new baby’s health was questioned, because of a medication she takes to deal with her addiction, making a home birth a no-go. Sabrina’s facing the state taking her second child, at least that what she thinks, so nothing was good in her world.

Jeremiah and Carmela are constantly squabbling over the construction project on that land in Florida. How much do you believe the realtor about the land being strong enough to handle a home construction? Not sure if the truth lies somewhere in the middle of her and the man who told the couple that sinkholes are inevitable.

Carmela wants to spend a little time with her husband, instead of being stuck each day as contractors finish the work. Jeremiah’s all revved up and not in a good way. He had an argument with his neighbor about putting a home too close to the property line and we got the boasting, threatening Jeremiah. No one likes that, including Carmela. Maybe Mary coming down will help that situation. Stay tuned…

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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